Aviary Basket Loading Method

Aviary Basket Loading Method

Great video from Dan Smith of Sunset Coast Doves showing his basket loading method using his movable wall aviary system.

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4 thoughts on “Aviary Basket Loading Method

  1. hi! im new in pigeon racing can anyone e-mail me the system management,recovery during derby race and proper diet and maintenace of racing pigeon your reply is a big help for me heres my e-mail [email protected] thanks…

  2. very good idea i have been looking for something like that to load my own birds i hate chasing them it only makes them wilder

  3. I use a system very similiay to Dan,s. I have a crate that fits into the back of my pickup and will hold a hundred to hundred fifty birds. I built chutes that are placed in the trap and connect to the crate in the pickup. The birds are trained to go into the trap and down the chutes into the crate. The key to this part of the operation is to have a board ( the size of the inside of the chutes) with a handle longer than the shutes to move the birds into the crate. This also holds the birds in the crate while you close the crate doors. I developed this system while I was still working and didn’t have much time to train. I can load 150 birds in ten minutes and be on the road.

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