*Video* One Eye Cold Treatment for Racing Pigeons

*Video* One Eye Cold Treatment for Racing Pigeons

Here is another great video from Lavender Hill Lofts showing how they treat One Eye Colds in their racing pigeons. If you don’t have Tetracycline ointment to treat a one eye cold you can make a paste using Tetracycline powder by mixing just enough warm water to make a paste. Be careful not to get to much directly in the eye as it is in granular form still. Treat for 3-5 days or until the eye looks normal. Check out the video by clicking the play button below.

*Video* One Eye Cold Treatment for Racing Pigeons

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4 thoughts on “*Video* One Eye Cold Treatment for Racing Pigeons

  1. Hi everyone does any one know if you could use polysporin ointment or fucidin ointment they have antibiotics in them i think it would be worth a try if you had nothing else on hand Brad.

  2. What i have used in the past is Eye drops we use for ourselfs , works well.
    Trev Australian

  3. Here in SA ,I use a Chlorophenical based human eye drop both eyes and within a day or two one cannot even see if the bird was affected or not.

    I suppose it will vary from country to country ,what medicine one could get your hands on.

  4. Just get some NFZ puffer, just one puff in each eye for a few days & one little plastic bottle will last a long time. It’ll take care of eye problems in most animals, dogs, cats, etc… Available at Tractor Supply or any place that sells the same stuff in the video. Also an old timers method is just to spit in the eye of the bird, your saliva has enzymes & bacteria that will kill a lot of the stuff that causes eye problems.

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