*Video* Grading Baby Racing Pigeons

*Video* Grading Baby Racing Pigeons

Here is another video from Lavender Hill Lofts on grading babies. It is important that you grade your babies before banding age. Look for abnormalities, signs of disease, lack of vigor etc…, Remove those that show any signs of disease, stress or lack of vigor. Check it out by clicking the video below.

*Video* Grading Baby Racing Pigeons By Lavender Hill Lofts

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3 thoughts on “*Video* Grading Baby Racing Pigeons

  1. Come on Chris, this video was posted back in 2013 on U tube. Seems like this site is based around beginners in the sport. You have to have found something new to post since this 8 year old video was posted.

  2. Good video.Why do people jam the nest bowl back into the corner so the birds cant sit on the nest comfortably. Move it out a bit and the birds will be happier.

  3. Hi Chris very good video.I have another problem Chris face book is changing there rules on how they do things i my self am having problems some where else on face book i’m being bother by others while i’m on this site we must find another way to deal with this could we change it over to google etc.I’m looking foreword to hearing from you on this subject Chris.Regards Brad.

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