*Video* Weaning Baby Racing Pigeons

*Video* Weaning Baby Racing Pigeons

Here is another great video from Lavender Hill Lofts on how they wean their babies. In this video your going to see how they use other adult pigeons to help them wean the youngsters. The start this process when the youngsters are between 15 and 18 days old, this will help them become independent and also will help to take some of the preassure off of the parents. Click the video below to check it out.

*Video* Weaning Baby Racing Pigeons

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3 thoughts on “*Video* Weaning Baby Racing Pigeons

  1. I do exacly the same however, if a pigeon on my loft pecks on a youngster no matter how good he is, is gone strait to the dustbin.
    Been doing this for over 20 years, no bird of mine pecks on the babys, remember they have all been raised on the floor

  2. yes you have a right to remove the baby from the cage becouse the oldest pigeons hit the baby and may couse a bleeding in head

  3. The only thing I worry about is some youngsters getting “pecked”-“beat up”. But, I guess it’s okay as long as you stay there and watch them, put ’em back where they go afterwards. Seems like a good idea!

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