*Video* Old Timer Water Secret For Your Racing Pigeons

  Old Timer Water Secret For Your Racing Pigeons Many top lofts use grape juice to help improve their racing pigeon’s race performance and overall condition. Before a race use it Tuesday and Wednesday and after a hard race on return day and the next day. Mix one whole can per one gallon of water. I’ve seen many top lofts around the country use grape juice to help give their birds an edge on race day and to reduce their recovery time after a hard race. Truly an old time secret!

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5 thoughts on “*Video* Old Timer Water Secret For Your Racing Pigeons

  1. I see Lavender hill lofts is always giving advice on how to win races. Why do we never see any of his race results records. That’s the video I would like to see. And again an 8 year old video.

  2. It sounds like the only reason for using grape juice,is because of the sugars which are easily digested,so why not just use Glucose,or honey,which are also just as easy to digest,and don’t have the grape taste to shy the birds off the drinker.

  3. We here in Australia go by litres of water how whould this work out here thank you
    Paul S Fairweather
    Sydney Australia

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