Pigeon Racing; What Make’s a Champion?

Pigeon Racing; What Make’s a Champion?

the secret to pigeon racingEver since becoming interested and falling in love with the wonderful world of pigeon racing I have always wondered what the secret was, what made the champions so successful. You see and hear it time and time again experienced fanciers dominating the race sheets while new comers to the sport struggle over and over again and eventually quit the sport all together.

So… what’s the secret that the more experienced fanciers have?

My curiosity has always gotten the best of me and over the years of being involved in this sport I have had the pleasure of talking with and interviewing dozens of champion racers. After interviewing and talking with so many successful fanciers it was pretty clear that they all shared a few very important things in common which I would like to share with you today.

So what’s their secret??….

What makes some champions and others just pigeon keeper’s??….

The answer is easier than you think and right under your nose. The answer comes down to two common elements which these champions share which are… fundamentals and experience. Each champion that I have had the pleasure of speaking with all understood and mastered the core fundamentals of being a successful pigeon racer and loft manager and they have also put in the time and work needed to nurture a champion team of racing pigeons.

So what are the fundamentals?

There are 6 main elements that you need to focus on to help align yourself with the champions. These 6 core fundamentals are: The Loft, Your Stock, Nutrition, Breeding, Training and Health.

Many time’s people make things much harder than they actually need to be so in this article I would like to cover each of the fundamentals while at the same time help to simplify them for you. So let’s dig into each one a bit deeper…

The Loft

The Pigeon LoftThe loft is an important part of pigeon racing because it’s kind of the flying force behind your pigeons. Racing pigeons are called homing pigeons for a reason because they fly home. The secret to the loft and the secret to getting you bird’s to want to fly back to the loft is to build “the love of the loft” into your birds. When your birds feel comfortable and love their home it becomes natural for them to want to get back as fast as possible. So when it comes to the loft make sure you keep it clean and comfortable for your pigeons and in the end will help greatly on race day. You can learn more about lofts and aviary’s by clicking here also.



Hen Racing PigeonsWhen we talk about stock we are talking about the bird’s you keep in your loft, many fanciers think it’s just enough to break the bank on buying amazing pedigree bird’s and then they can sit back and dominate the race sheets. The key here is to start with the best bird’s you can happily afford. Pigeon racing is supposed to be enjoyable so don’t stress and frustrate yourself by blowing your savings on birds that may or may not be champions. Start with the best bird’s you can then spend the time on nurturing them into champion racers.




pigeon feedsObviously this topic goes very deep and can’t be covered fully here. Just like any other sport where athletes need proper nutrition to compete at their peak physical performance pigeon racing is no different. Race Pigeons need the proper nutrition to withstand the vigor’s of racing so always make sure your pigeons have the proper nutrition to be healthy, competitive and ultimately to become champions. If you would like to learn more about proper nutrition for your race pigeons then you can click here.




Pairing Racing Pigeons For BreedingJust like nutrition breeding is another extremely complex topic and can’t be fully covered here but the goal of this article to help simplify things for you. Proper Breeding is important because it allows you to breed out the bad and focus on the good qualities of your team. Breeding is the secret to longevity in the sport and help’s you to really develop your own successful team of racing pigeons. If you would like to learn more about breeding then you can click here as well.




road training racing pigeonsAlso Just like nutrition proper training is much needed for any athlete in any sport and again pigeon racing is no exception. Make sure you’re spending time with your pigeons because the bond that is developed between athlete and coach is very important to success. Develop a good training schedule and make sure to loft and road train your bird’s frequently and consistently so they can develop the sense and muscle needed to race home at lightning speed. Click here to learn more about how to properly train and condition your birds for race day.




Healthy Pigeons Win Races Part 4 "A Realistic Health Program"Health is huge because without strong, happy and healthy bird’s the prior five fundamentals really won’t do anything. Good health is the anchor to strong racing pigeons so again always make sure your loft is clean and dry and always make sure to be observant to your birds. If anything looks strange or out of place quickly quarantine those pigeons in question because disease can quickly consume your entire team. Click here to get the exact health program we use to develop race winning, world-class racing pigeons.



So in closing these fundamentals teamed with time and experience are really the “secrets” to the champions. Start with the best birds you can happily afford, build the love of the loft in to those birds, make sure you keep a good training, nutrition and health program to help keep your bird’s happy, healthy and strong. But most importantly have fun and enjoy it because when you enjoy what you are doing it will translate into your results.

Pigeon Racing; What Make’s a Champion?

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5 thoughts on “Pigeon Racing; What Make’s a Champion?

  1. Hi Jay you have to have the birds to fly the distance they need to be in good shape also
    for me i like to have at least three races on the birds you are going to send you need
    to start building them up two weeks before with a good race mixture corn peas wheat
    etc also oil seeds black sunflower seeds hemp i also use peanuts but there are other ways
    to feed for the distance.

  2. wow!!! thank you for taking the time to post this..many would learn from this like me for instance..but can I pls ask you if you can post how to feed and condition a bird to go to a 600 mile raise pls..I lost so many birds at that distance..they came back after a month but the lost was huge.

    1. Hi Jay how many races do you give your birds before the 600 miles race and when do you
      start to build the birds up for that race also what do you feed corn.peas etc i don’t want the
      brand you use also what system do you fly.

    1. Hey Chris great post! I hope all fanciers aspiring to become champions would heed the advise provided. Keep up the good work Chris!

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