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Hello Pigeon Racing World,

I just wanted to introduce myself; my name is Chris I created The Pigeon Insider to share my pigeon racing passion with the world, and to share my passion with the rest of the pigeon community.  

I personally got interested in pigeons a few years back, my uncle had a pigeon loft and as a kid he used to keep pigeons on the rooftop in brooklyn NY, after moving upstate he built a loft in his backyard and this is where I was first introduced to the world of pigeons. To be completly honest with you I really didn’t understand anything about it and I didn’t even see what he liked about it. Anyway a few months later he purchased a bird from Oklahoma and put it into his loft, about three days later he opened the door to the loft to feed his pigeons and the bird he just bought from oklahoma escaped. About one week later the breeder that he bought the bird off of called my uncle up and said “didn’t I sell you a bird” and he recited the band number my uncle responded “yea but he escaped from my loft last week” and the breeder said “well…he’s back!”
After escaping from my uncles loft in NY, the pigeon flew all the way back to oklahoma! I was completely floored and my passion for pigeons was born. Not only could I not beleive that the pigeon flew that far but it actually found his way all the way home. I was hooked from that moment on.
They really are amazing creatures I know first hand and that is why The Pigeon Insider was created. Please feel free to check out the site and comment we would really love to hear from you.

My Goal,

The goal of The Pigeon Insider is to help preserve and promote the pigeon racing sport and hobby as well as bringing awarness to the general public. I also hope that this site will help to educate pigeon fanciers. I haven’t been involved in pigeon racing for that long so I still have alot to learn but one of my favorite things to do is talk with champion and successfull fanciers which I have had the pleasure of doing and sharing what I learn from them along the way with the rest of you.

Again, my name is Chris and I look forward to meeting and hearing from you fellow pigeon fanciers, please feel free to contribute to this blog by commenting and posting I would really love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting,

-Chris (Contact Me)

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119 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi guys…im a daily reader of this site…i have realy bad breeder i cant even have been to race…can some give me a good bird to sponsor me and try the birds here in the philippines..

    hope someone is willing to help me in my problem..

  2. hi chris! i am looking for a copyright free image of pigeons in flight or pigeons circling for a collage i am doing…which brought me to your site…we have a small flock of pigeons in my little town in western mass…and a friend of mine who rehabs wildlife once released a pair of pigeons in my yard so that they might have a chance of joining a flock…so i made a funny pigeon poster for her as a gift…i want to expand on it with flying pigeons behind…if you would have an image i could use could you let me know…thank you and good luck with your work!

    1. How cool to hear from a fancier in Ireland!!!

      Chris, look what you’ve done! I love this site!

      Gregory Brooks Homewood Loft
      formerly of Redding and Danbury Connecticut
      now from Sebring, Florida- after the false flag operation on 9-11 I just wanted to get tropical.

  3. thats whats up Chris i see your passion for the pigeons is very strong, i my self got into flying pigeon in the Bronx many years ago in the earily 80’s i flew tipplets and man i could say the flew for hours but the a friend of mines, had 4 pairs of homers we took the train downtown to NYC we didn’t know nothing about bloodline,just knew they where homers, well anyways they took the to Centarl Park. when he let then out the box which is what we had a box from the corner store..lol. They hooked about three times and went striaght uptown to the Bronx bye the time we got home they we’re there, but still i didnt get into homers but i did get a grizzle pair of homers. Now that i have a place in the back of my house i just got into it this year hopefully i can have some type of a good year to talk about in the coming years and thank you from have=ing this site where we can all have a say about our pigeons Good luck to all in the 2010 Race from TATSCRU LOFT eamails if any question @ [email protected]

  4. chris, just wanted you to know I really enjoy your emails. The reason I have not responded is I am still building a loft………..Thanks………..Dan

    1. Dan who??
      Hope your loft is coming along- God Bless!

      yours in sport & hobby,

      Gregory Brooks Homewood Loft

  5. Kyle Warren :

    Hi Chris,

    Upstate NY?! Where do you live? I live in near Kingston, NY. I fly with Northern Catskill Pigeon Club and I’m the race secretary for the club. Just curious. Great job on the blog.

    Hey Kyle,

    Pleasure to meet you, yea my uncle is from Middletown New York thanks for the kind words maybe one of these days we can come check the club out and say hey.

    Nice to meet you again,

  6. Hey friends,

    Thanks so much for the kind words, yea I am having a great time reading all of your comments and I am so glad you are enjoying the blog and finding value in the content. My main goal with the blog is to preserve and promote our sport but my other goal for the blog was to meet all of you and try to bring the best and informative content to you, so i hope that im doing that. I would also like to thank all of you, I also have been learning alot from all of you in my opinion your comments and insight is what makes this site so powerfull so thanks again and keep posting your comments.

    Talk to you soon
    yours in the sport

  7. Chris: When I first recieved your offer to join your blog, I must tell you that I had a lot of scepticism. However, after reading your posting, I again must tell you that I think they are fantastic. Keep them coming. They are very informing, interesting,educational,and I enjoy them very much.

  8. Hey Chris, Fantastic job with web site. My father has had racing pigeons my whole life. Myself I have a small kit of rollers, just for fun because of my Bird Of Prey problem. (Coopers in Fresno,Ca are bad man) Anyway, my Father Mark Rozwadowski host the California Late Hatch Classic Race. I’ve always been a fan of racing pigeons but zoning rules in track homes has put a huge dent in pigeon racing fanciers from evolving here in California I believe. Just my take on things. http://www.californialatehatchclassic.com check it out… Pleasure meeting you…Andy Rozwadowski

    1. Yeah man- the Cooper and Sharp Shins are what plagued my lofts in Redding and Danbury, Connecticut. Learned their migrating schedule to reduce losses. Heartbreaking.

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