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Hello Pigeon Racing World,

I just wanted to introduce myself; my name is Chris I created The Pigeon Insider to share my pigeon racing passion with the world, and to share my passion with the rest of the pigeon community.  

I personally got interested in pigeons a few years back, my uncle had a pigeon loft and as a kid he used to keep pigeons on the rooftop in brooklyn NY, after moving upstate he built a loft in his backyard and this is where I was first introduced to the world of pigeons. To be completly honest with you I really didn’t understand anything about it and I didn’t even see what he liked about it. Anyway a few months later he purchased a bird from Oklahoma and put it into his loft, about three days later he opened the door to the loft to feed his pigeons and the bird he just bought from oklahoma escaped. About one week later the breeder that he bought the bird off of called my uncle up and said “didn’t I sell you a bird” and he recited the band number my uncle responded “yea but he escaped from my loft last week” and the breeder said “well…he’s back!”
After escaping from my uncles loft in NY, the pigeon flew all the way back to oklahoma! I was completely floored and my passion for pigeons was born. Not only could I not beleive that the pigeon flew that far but it actually found his way all the way home. I was hooked from that moment on.
They really are amazing creatures I know first hand and that is why The Pigeon Insider was created. Please feel free to check out the site and comment we would really love to hear from you.

My Goal,

The goal of The Pigeon Insider is to help preserve and promote the pigeon racing sport and hobby as well as bringing awarness to the general public. I also hope that this site will help to educate pigeon fanciers. I haven’t been involved in pigeon racing for that long so I still have alot to learn but one of my favorite things to do is talk with champion and successfull fanciers which I have had the pleasure of doing and sharing what I learn from them along the way with the rest of you.

Again, my name is Chris and I look forward to meeting and hearing from you fellow pigeon fanciers, please feel free to contribute to this blog by commenting and posting I would really love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting,

-Chris (Contact Me)

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119 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great site Chris The question about the eye colds most likely you have a draft in your loft however respiratory infection can also be present.If you want go on line to john marles web and check out the article on respiratory.

    1. Hi Don- would you write something regarding eye colds and also on the topic of drafts? Re: drafts, I would like to read more about the difference between good ventilation and harmful drafts.
      Thanks- Best Regards- Gregory Brooks Homewood Loft

  2. Hi Chris,

    Upstate NY?! Where do you live? I live in near Kingston, NY. I fly with Northern Catskill Pigeon Club and I’m the race secretary for the club. Just curious. Great job on the blog.

    1. Kyke………just starting with pigeons….have somje homers, some show birds too…..live in Saugerties,work in Kingston…tell me a bit about the club……

  3. chris, what about breeders ,how old is to old ?. can you bring a hen back from not producing?

    1. Ive Given an old infertile hen or infertile cock not laying fertile eggs HoneyBee Propolis ive done it and it works some how and learned this yrs. ago from an old flyer. Either dampen feed and sprinkle on feed of manually put down throat. you {cannot} overdose a bird with propolis and it works on birds older than 10 + –GC

    1. Hi John, I was wondering how you made out with the egg-bound hen? I recall one especially strong blue check hen I had that happen to. Hate to be gross but I dealt with it with vaseline on a pinky tip and it worked out okay- Hens can die pretty quickly from egg-binding. Hope you faired okay.
      Best wishes,
      Gregory Brooks Homewood Loft

  4. hello chris
    i’m french pigeon fancier,i’m 40 years old and i’m very interesting in your website.
    i like speaking with foreign pigeons fanciers…..and here, it’s fantastic for perfect my english language…!!!!

    best regards ,benoit

  5. Hello Chris,
    Daily read information on the blog, then reread them to deepen the news.
    Soon I hope to have pigeons champions.
    I want to say that I use in place of olive oil, fish oil for
    mixture of food.
    Is better, in my opinion!

  6. Hi chris what a nice website you got i’m also a fancier since childhood here in my country philippines but i’m stop when i was 19 years old and now coming back and join a club and want to have some good birds and join in a race. c an i have some tips from you for feeding and training or regimen of yours.

    thanks and keep fying and have many winnings..

  7. my friend has a pigeon not eating and two eyes look wet on the end side of the eye can u help

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