Grains, Fuel and Pigeon Racing – Feed Table

Grains, Fuel and Pigeon Racing – Feed Table

This is the Feed Table that goes along with the Grains, Fuel and Pigeon Racing article series.

Brief Summary of Table 1

Examples of grains and concentrates high in protein: Peas, beans, lentils , fish meal, peanuts, ect..

Examples of grains high in fat ( and often, protein, as well): Peanuts, safflower, sunflower seeds, canola seed, ect. Examples of grains high in carbohydrate (meaning sugars, such as glucose); Corn, popcorn, wheat, rice, barley, peeled oats, milo, millet, kafir corn (also known as sorghum), etc.

Grains, Fuel and Pigeon Racing – Feed Table By Gordon Chalmers, DVM

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15 thoughts on “Grains, Fuel and Pigeon Racing – Feed Table

  1. These feed table is very important for fancier whether you mix your own or not at least it give you an idea what you are feeding to your pigeon.

  2. Excellent feeding table. But I’ll stick to what my belated uncle feed his pigeons of which is now my pigeons as inheritress to me. As I believe this feeding works best for my pigeons and their young. Thank you for this brilliant feeding table. You are a genius, man.

  3. thanks for the knowledge you shared with us.hope you continue to give us such great information.

  4. Mr Chalmers
    Thank You Very Much For Sending Me Feed Table Good Job Thanks
    lucky singh INDIAN

  5. Thanks for all the good articles during the year. Hope all you fanciers have a wonderfull new year and may all of us win a few races in 2011. South Africa

  6. I would like to know if there is a way that you can print parts of the information that you provide. The information is great but, I get information that I don’t use or need. I read it , but don’t want a copy. I wanted the Feed Table, but also had to print six other pages of which I already have a copy.

    Thanks for all your time and effort.

    Ken Pair

  7. Mr chalmers I condition and fought roosters for anumber of years but don,t no much about pigeons . I am just geting started and Iwould like to ask you if you can feed soaked oats to pigeons without harming them .Oats is a wonderful feed for roosters . The few pigions I have was give to me by a good man but he knows nothing about feeding the soaked oats and Idon,t want to ruin them .Thanks for your time .I live in greenville s.c.

  8. Hello Mr. Gordon Chalmers, I would like to know how much in one pound of this pigeon food has the level of its proteins. For example safflower…

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