*Video* The Nest Box Tells The Story

The Nest Box Tells The Story

All of us a pigeon fanciers know that we have to wear many hatswith our pigeons, we have to serve as parents, teachers, coaches, personal trainers, doctors and investigators just to name a few. Our pigeons can’t talk to us so we as the fanciers have to take in all of the hints and clues that our birds give us and learn their language to make the very best decisions we can. Dr. John Lamberton shows us just that in this video called “The nest box tells the story”, Dr. Lamberton shows us that by looking at our birds droppings and placement of the droppings we can tell how happy our birds are and how they are resting. By looking at clues like the formation, look and placement of the droppings, the quantity of feed and grain they eat and the overall appearance and pattern of these things in the nestbox we can make a good assumption of the health, form and dimeneor that our birds our in. Watch the video below to see it in action and start practicing it in your own loft it really gives you a good insight of what your birds may be feeling and thinking.

*Video* The Nest Box Tells The Story by Dr. John Lamberton

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