Pigeons with Blue Tongue or Blue Tissue

Pigeons with Blue Tongue or Blue Tissue

I received a few questions about fanciers having pigeons with blue tongues or blue tip tongues so I wanted to address it with a short post. The blue tongue can mean many different things from something simple such as wrong diet to more serious like bad circulation.

Should you feed high protein right through the week, the digestive system becomes sluggish and the breast may become blue in color with a blue tip on the tongue also. Try changing your pigeons diet and giving your birds a strong dose of garlic in the water to help correct this.

However, When tissues that are normally red turn blue, this is because there is less oxygen in these tissues. This can have several reasons. For example when the tip of the tongue of a pigeon is cold, there will be less blood circulation and the tip will appear blue. It doesn’t have to mean anything. If it’s associated with blue flesh it can be a problem certainly for birds that have to perform.

Again blue tongue can be caused by multiple factors like inadequate nutrition/supplementing, inadequate training, dehydration (shock in extreme cases), bad circulation etc…Try changing their diet, giving garlic and keeping a close eye on them to see if their health declines and if you have room in your loft quarantine them as a precaution untill you are certain that they are healthy.


Hope this helps

Pigeons with Blue Tongue or Blue Tissue

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22 thoughts on “Pigeons with Blue Tongue or Blue Tissue

  1. Hola Chris, claro que lo que mencionas es de gran ayuda, recuerda que no hay comentario pequeño cuando se trata de mejorar la calidad de nuestras palomas. Saludos.

  2. This go to show that if you don’t feed your pigeons well, you loose. Oxygen is a pigeon’s main fuel. If a pigeon has nearly no oxygen it could die or drop from the sky out of breath too soon gasping for air. My brother and his son check each pigeon every day by hand and eye and this is one of their jobs they have to do for me. What the see and feel they have to write it in a A4 page per day diary of which each pigeon has one. This notes get then put into my loft management pro PC program. The diet is every day tested via contracted by me animal scientist and my son who is a wildlife vet. The ones that not working as it suppose to work, they Google to find a better alternative for the pigeons. So far my belated uncle had a good feed but my scientist and my son found certain nuts is better in holding more that certain seed not having as much iron “oxygen” for instance. My uncle was good but I feel I’m getting better than him what feeding is concerned, due the the scientist and my son of which my uncle never had. Bless his soul

  3. Blue tong can be caused by a multitude factors(aspergillus,respiratory disease…etc) but in most cases it’s about drafts in the loft …the proper ventilation can solve lot’s of problems of respiratory disease…Try to stay away of antibiotics and fix the loft ventilation first and after you can try a cure of 10 days of apple vinegar in the water (7ml/1l water) and garlic oil on the food (diet…50% barley) and the tongue will turn pink again…

  4. HI Chris

    I first noticed this in New Zealand and knew i would not go well in the race with them so held them back.
    I also found that if i treated them with terramycin they would come good and at that time knew nothing about respiratory disease.
    I am 100% sure this is the cause and have treated them for it ever since [this was more than 25yrs ago] but now i treat them at the begining of every season before racing!
    Barley is supost to thin the blood which helps also plenty of fresh air. Geoff

  5. With reference to the blue tipped tongue, one of the most successful lofts ever to fly in Great Britain, namely the Planet Brothers, John and Gary Squibb, coveted the pigeons of their flock that had this blue tipped tongue. They flew the Janssen, Meulemans, Leen Boers, Horemans and more famously, the Van Loon family/families into London without equal during the early 80’s and set records for fun in their federations. What’s more, their birds have won big time all over the World, China, Kuwait, the USA, you name it, the Planet pigeons have won it in multiples. Don’t go condemning those blue tongued specimens in your loft too quickly. ;D

  6. problem with blue tongue, according to my experience it is problem with respiratory disease, so tylosine + doxicycline for 10 days can realy solve the problem.
    best regards:
    Tomor – Pejë, Kosovë

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