*Video* The Homing Instinct – Documentary

*Video* The Homing Instinct – Documentary

Two old friends and rival pigeon racers are preparing for the big race of the season. Set in the North East of England where Maurice’s allotment is home to the world’s only listed pigeon Cree, the ageing miners embark on what could be their last season together. Jackie and Maurice face the challenges of old age, ill health and a continuing battle with land developers as they prepare for the most prestigious race of the year, where their pigeons will fly five hundred and sixty miles from Bourges in France. The film follows the men’s emotional journey as things don’t work out quite as expected.

*Video* The Homing Instinct – Documentary

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6 thoughts on “*Video* The Homing Instinct – Documentary

  1. fantastic the best sport in the world and they will always be friends .ps going the England soon Andre’ in Cape Town south Africa PPS show us more vids like this

    1. Hi Andre, I agree the best !! its a pity that the sport go in a sleep mode no new comers,our young lads show no interest . Hope the T shirts that Chris design hit the sport with a Big Bang and promote our sport .
      Regards Johnna

  2. Two old fliers all they want is to be left alone to fly there pigeons and they love the distance races
    and will be for ever good friends no matter what happens.I wish them both happy trails.
    Regards Brad.

  3. Too bad the “Cree”/allotment idea hasn’t caught on here. We have community gardens, parks, and what ever. A set aside for pigeons? Sure would be nice! Could sit and b.s. waiting for birds together.

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