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Step 1: Get your Affiliate ID

In order to begin reselling our products you must first create an affiliate ID (a.k.a. account nickname) through our affiliate manager ClickBank this way all of your sales can be tracked and you are sure to be paid. If you do not already have a ClickBank affiliate ID please click here to create one then return to this screen.


Step 2: Pick a Product to Promote and Create Your Unique Affiliate Link

So…What is an affiliate link? Your affiliate link is a special link that is coded with your unique affiliate ID, this way when someone orders one of our products through your unique affiliate link the sale will be credited to you and you receive the commission. Here is the format to follow to create your affiliate link, just be sure to replace XXXXX with your affiliate ID. http://XXXXX.product.hop.clickbank.net (example only) For example: If your affiliate ID is: loft2010 your affiliate link would look like this: http://loft2010.product.hop.clickbank.net

Now just create your affiliate link for each product you would like to promote below by replacing XXXXX with your affiliate ID,

**The Pigeon Racing Formula: http://XXXXX.mogulmap.hop.clickbank.net

The Pigeon Racing Formula Affiliate Resources – Click Here

**Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed: http://XXXXX.pigeonnut.hop.clickbank.net

Nutrition Secrets Exposed Affiliate Resources – Click Here

**Champion Pigeon Breeding Revealed: http://XXXXX.pigeonbree.hop.clickbank.net

Champion Pigeon Breeding Affiliate Resources – Click Here

**Winning Pigeon Training and Racing Systems: http://XXXXX.pigeonwptr.hop.clickbank.net

Winning Training and Racing Systems Affiliate Resources – Click Here

**The Pigeon Racing Blueprint: http://XXXXX.pigeonbp.hop.clickbank.net

The Pigeon Racing Blueprint Affiliate Resources – Click Here


**Cracking The Race Sheets: http://XXXXX.pigeonra.hop.clickbank.net

Cracking The Race Sheets Affiliate Resources – Click Here

Step 3: Promote Your Links!

Now that you have your special unique affiliate links, all thats left to do is promote them!. Simply send visitors to your affiliate link and when they purchase our products through them, you receive a massive 50% commission from every sale. So go ahead and copy and paste your affiliate links into your websites, facebook page, social media, forum signatures, email your family and friends or anywhere else you can think of.

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