American Racing Pigeon Union | AU | ARPU

American Racing Pigeon Union | AU | ARPU

American Racing Pigeon UnionThe American Racing Pigeon Union or AU, ARPU as some call us is the largest organization devoted to pigeon racing. The organization has approximately 700 affiliated clubs around the country and over 10,000 members. It is the friends and mentors you’ll find in the local club that can enrich the hobby for you, no matter what level you choose to participate.

The American Racing Pigeon Union is dedicated to it’s members and the sport.

Youn can contact the American Racing Pigeon Union at the details below.

American Racing Pigeon Union
P. O. Box 18465
Oklahoma City, OK 73154-0465
ph. 405-848-5801 | fax 405-848-5888

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29 thoughts on “American Racing Pigeon Union | AU | ARPU

  1. A Pigeon has adopted us in northwestern PA: AU 2013 ARPU 70049… please contact me if you’re the owner or know how to find the owner. Thanks! Tom Doner

    The Glass Blowing Center, Hilliards, PA:
    (724) 791-2100

  2. A broadwing hawk got a racing pigion in my back yard in elkton, MD on 5/25/2014 – The pigeon was tagged AU2014 ARPU 69541.

  3. We are approoximately 70 miles offshore and would love to feed these birds but our resources are limited as we cannot just run to the store so any advice on what we could give them would be welcomed. Plus if at all possible we would love to know their origin.

    1. Unpoped popcorn, whole wheat, barley, peas, or other types of whole dry grains would be best for them.

  4. FOUND PIGEON: NPA 09 KH 768 10. Been at my house for 5 days now. I am in NC. Please CALL me at 252-245-4115. thanks!! Heather

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