Taking on Tyson – Episode Four

Taking on Tyson – Episode Four – “Battle in the Bronx”

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Part 2


Part 3


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5 thoughts on “Taking on Tyson – Episode Four

  1. I really enjoyed all the Tyson Shows! Hope that they will do more this year, covering him & the crew “breeding”,-raising young birds and then racing again this fall! I’m working on stuff for your pigeon insider segment on “who we are” as well. Meanwhile, keep the info flowing! We are all busy folks, with jobs & families, etc. Along with the birds!, we may not always say, “thanks” So, there it is Chris, “thank you” for all ya do!

  2. I wait all night last night for episode# 5 they never show it.I wonder what happen?Also is someone in here has problem with cats can help me to get them out of my yard.Need help really bad.We have fleas everywhere and try evrything.I have been trap them and send them to animal control but more I trap more they come.
    Thank you.

  3. hi, this is verry great and ilke this video. thanks and god bless u all.

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