Sick Pigeons

Sick Pigeons
pigeon healthPigeons sometimes get sick even in the cleanest lofts. Sick pigeons often ruffle their feathers and look droopy. When they are sick, they often have watery droppings. Many different diseases will cause these symptoms. Asking an experienced pigeon flier for help is a good idea. If you have no one to help you, it would be a good idea to remove the sick pigeon and place it in a small pen or cage. This may help to prevent the disease from spreading. You can call one of the pigeon supply companies for help.

Pigeons also may get lice. They live on the pigeons and in the cracks in the loft. Dusting powders and roost paints will get rid of lice. The lice and miter drink the pigeons blood and chew on their feathers. Dusting your birds several times a year will get rid of the lice. A handful of Borax laundry detergent in their bath water also helps remove and prevent lice. Dusting powders and roost paints can be purchased from any pigeon supply house.

The bottom of the aviary should be made from wire. The wire should have a small size mesh because pigeons will not walk on it if the mesh is too large. The mesh bottom allows the droppings and rain to fall through it.

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10 thoughts on “Sick Pigeons

  1. We have a 15-year-old female pigeon that we rescued as an orphaned fledgling at 4 weeks. She lives in our home in a 3’x3’x3′ cage, and gets to walk and fly (not outside) when we clean the cage, and when we let her exercise. For several weeks she has shown signs of illness. She appears weak. Her rump is arched slightly, with tail extending downward, and her wings droop a little. We’ve seen this a few times in the past, but only for a couple of days at a time; then she would recover. Her droppings are smaller and less formed. Her appetite has been good, but has decreased in the last few days. I took her to the local vet who prescribed Baytril. Administering it was hit and miss, and we are just not sure how much she got. We’re considering euthanasia if she does not improve soon. What is their typical lifespan? We do not have the resources to continue with further tests and treatments. But if there was a way to help her get well, we would like to try it. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  2. mayroon pong mga bulutong ang alaga kong kalapati .hindi ko alam kung paano maaalis yon.nauubos na sila dumarami ang mga bulutong nila..maaari nyo po ba ako bigyan ng magandang advice

  3. our pigeon has green & white watery slightly watery droppings and its looks like tired. Can you suggest any medicine (i am a learner).

    Best regards

    1. The bird could also have a lower intestinal infection,kidney infection, or something in it’s diet that is upsetting it. Ask yourself have I introduced anything new into the diet, also some grits can upset pigeons intestines, have I put anything different in the water like human vitamin tablets?. A few cap fulls of Apple cider vinegar in the water can help prevent Salmonella/paratyphoyid as it makes the water silghtly acidic and the organisims cannot survive. Make sure prior to race day that the birds are only on fresh water as the cider vinegar can make them extra thirsty. Anti paratyphoid drugs can be very,very expensive.

  4. So a brown & white pigeon with an orange tag around his left ankle landed bear my yard..he backed himself into a plant bush..he can not fly,he seems dizzy,off balanced.when he tries to stand he falls over on his back jerks & struggles 2 get up.i placed him on him stomach & hes been drinking alot of water.i don’t think he’s eaten much of the bird seed mix we bought him.he has watery Niles..i have cats,dogs & kids & I’m super concerned that we all may get sick.i have him in newspapers inside of an old cat carrying case..WHAT SHOULD I DO..PLEASE HELP

  5. If a pigeon has green watery droppings, does that mean it has been poisoned?
    I have confined a pigeon to my screened-in patio as it does not seem to be able to fly. It can walk okay and is eating birdseed and drinking water. I have not picked it up yet to inspect for injuries but none are seen by just observing.

  6. Can someone please tell me what the different types of “sypmtoms” would be for the various types of worms. I don’t SEE anything in their droppings to suggest that they may have worms but I don’t think the previous owner of my birds treated them for anything. Is it a good idea to worm birds a couple times a year? I have a couple birds that have ruffled feathers and perch on one leg. Would that be a sign of possible worms? I checked the throats and there is no canker,thank goodness.. I know that the previous owner also had chickens and livestock.Any info is most appreciated.
    Thank you.

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