The Pigeon Racing Medicine Cabinet

The Pigeon Racing Medicine Cabinet

Medicines which the fancier may be wise to stock, and the reasons to use them:

Baytril–a good choice for serious infections, mainly intestinal or systemic. This drug comes in tablet form and individual pigeons can be dosed at 5mg per pigeon per day. Flock treat with the liquid Baytril only (the tablets will not go into solution). Use for 5-10 days.

Do not use during reproduction and rapid growth of squabs.

Amoxicillin–a safer alternative drug to Baytril. It can be used during reproduction and racing without side effects. Not as broad spectrum as Baytril but often very effective in treating serious infections. Comes in tablet form (50mg) which can be used once or twice daily on individual cases. Flock treatment best accomplished using 3grams per gallon for 5-10 days.

Tetracycline drug (Terramycin, Aeuromycin, Tetracycline , or Doxycycline)–good for respiratory infections; best when used in combination with Tylan. One usually has no distinct advantage over the other and they share a common spectrum of activity. With the exception of Doxycycline, they are all available over the counter as poultry preparations. Use 4 teaspoonsful per gallon of the regular strength or 2 teaspoonsful per gallon of the concentrate. Doxycyline is dosed at 500-1000mg per gallon. Use these for 7-14 days.

Tylan–use as mentioned above, in combination with a tetracycline for respiratory infections. Tylan powder is dosed at 1-2 teaspoonsful per gallon. Individual dose at 50 mg per pigeon per day.

Delta Albaplex— this is a veterinary tablet which can be quite useful in treating individual cases of respiratory disease. It contains a tetracycline plus albamycin as well as a small amount of corticosteroid. Use 1/2 tablet twice daily for 3-7 days.

Amprolium— the standby for coccidiosis..treat at 1tsp/gallon of the 20% powder for 3-5 days.

Baycox (Toltazuril)–a newer more effective coccidiostat, not yet avilable in the USA but seems to be available through various channels. Can be used instead of Amprolium. Dose for 1-2 days at 4cc (100mg) per gallon.

Ronidazole (RIdzol)– for trichomonas…this is the safest of the three products commonly used but is not approved for use in this country. 1tsp per gallon for 3-5 days.

Emtryl (Dimetridazole)–for trichomonas…not approved for use in this country. Mexican or Canadian Emtryl dosed at 1/4-3/8 tsp per gallon for 3-5 days. Can cause seizures at higher doses.

Flagyl (Metronidazole)–for trichomonas…25-50 mg per pigeon per day for 1-3 days or 1250-2500 mg per gallon for 3-5 days.

Ivomec (Ivermectin)–wormer–500-1000micrograms(ug) per pigeon. Effective against Capallaria (hairworms) and Tetrameres and Dyspharynx (stomach wall worms); less effective against Roundworms.

Pyrantel pamoate–1-3mg per pigeon (75mg per gallon) for 1-2 days for roundworms only.

Tramisol (levamisole) 1-1.5 grams per gallon for one day for roundworms only.

Panacur (fenbendazole) effective against the three major worms but has potential to cause feather damage. Do not use during reproduction or moult. 5mg per pigeon per day for 3 days.

Quinacrine–antimalarial drug..use only in areas where malaria or Haemoproteus is a problem. Use for 4 weeks before flying season then one day weekly during races. Dosse at 200mg per gallon

There are many other choice available and I’ve kept it to what I consider a minimal, giving choices for some conditions. Not all of these drugs are commonly available. Consult your friendly veterinarian for help in acquiring some of these handy drugs as some are by perscription only.

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The Pigeon Racing Medicine Cabinet by Dr. David E. Marx DVM

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58 thoughts on “The Pigeon Racing Medicine Cabinet

  1. Hi Chris DR Chalmers told me never use Baytril not unless it is absolutely necessary because if you ever need it it won’t work also don’t you think using any drug if it is not needed will mess the birds immune system i think that is why people are having trouble with different diseases we need to take a more natural approach we are killing are birds immune systems Brad.

  2. Use Ecoltonic from Siegels for young and old birds. The dosage, depending on the weather(it affects how much they drink) should be 2 to 4 tablespoons per gallon. Should never have a sick bird if Ecoltonic is used once or twice per week.


  4. I don’t have a medicine cabinet for my racing pigeons and neither had my belated uncle. I believe if you feed your pigeons the food that their 4 gram body need to be and stay healthy there is no need for medication. This include all times unpolluted fresh air, every day exercisers, etc…

  5. Medicine, I seldom use it only when necessary like for example good breeder and good strain, for race bird I find it useless the more I use the more failure I got coz here in our country we race every week for 7 week,maybe 2 week before race can be but once race start its useless even for prevention only because it drop their condition,cause I notice at the end of the day its still the bird that doesn’t show sign of illness that stay and never had taken any medicine and they condition week after week the longer it take the more condition they are.

  6. As far as I am concerned Baytril is a broad spectrum antibiotic which kills all the good and the bad bacteria,so it should be used with special care. I do not treat the whole loft with Baytril during the racing season but only treat individual birds.
    I use Baytril ten days before I vaccinate my pigeons against paramyxo virus,that is seven weeks before the racing season starts.

    I use Amoxicillin in combination with Doxycicline and Tylosin for respiratory infection.
    It is important as to remove all grit while using Doxycicline as this will reduce much of its strenght.

    I prefere Baycox to treat coccidiosis.

    Ivomec is the most common drug as to treat worms. It is safe to be used during racing.

  7. I find all the experts that read your insider and comment help all us that are just starting. I been saving all these med names and the use of common things like apple cider and garlic very interesting Thanks a lot….

  8. Hi All I Use a course off medication , before i Start to toss my birds the best is Tryple X , It is for resportary . i also use KD-7 it is the best product for the bowel clenser. I use the bowel one for 2 days Sunday and monday every week.Give Honey in the water for returning birds on Saturday.Also the race birds i seperate and give Resvite for 1 day.At the moment the birds are working Good around the Loft between 1-1-5 hrs loft flying in the evening.Do not use to much Medication only iff the birds are sick.I have used Baytral with good results. Apple cider viniger does the same thing.

  9. only use medicines as a last resort, dont starve the birds and they will be much healthier and i never use emtril on its own i use half strength with turbosole as ive had cock birds become sterile too many people thing more is better read the lable and do as it says.
    and keep the birds stress free

  10. Hi ,pigeon fanciers!
    All that medicine is OK,but I don’t use any of it.I use only garlick and vinegar to protect my bird from illnes.
    Best regard. Daka Bosna and Hercegovina

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