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20 thoughts on “Vote Now

  1. Thanks very much Chris for all your hard work and dedication to the sport.We are all very lucky to have access to such a good web site as this one.Personally I would benifit from some good racing systems.In particular I’m interested in widowhood.But there seems to be many different ways this system can be applied and can get confusing.

  2. I have always felt that knowing how to raise birds is a subject that need s to be touched on. If a new flyer cant raise his or her own birds, they really arent learning any thing……they are just going to fly someone elses birds for them…..I dont fly much but I do know how to breed and raise young birds….I ve had pigeons since I was 12 and I am 65 now. So I think I ve done something right in these many years…..Its fall here in Indiana, so all my birds are in their molt… am spending much time keeping up with loft work and my gardening job…..its a job just feeding and watering and cleaning…all this goes into raising young and old pigeons…..think i have 200 + young birds and they all are going though their molt fine……when I feed I always spend time just looking at my young ones…..if I spot a bird with a problem I can tend to it then……I dont keep late hatches…they are slow growing and dont seen to do well doing the winter…..also I stop breeding young just before the in molt……old birds have enough stress without having to feed young too……I have a team of sion-stassart….this strain came out of birds raised and flown by the late Chas Heitzman…….all are redash….as that was the orignal color my first birds……be breeding them since 1983…….and dont add to it as I like them just the way they are…..all the hens look like hens and the cocks look like cocks……knowing how to raise pigeons is a subject that should be touched on as well…….I think , if you cant raise them ……you just cant enjoy them as much as I do…….

  3. i think health issue should be first this is one reason why fanciers loose alot of birds
    and with out health no point in training or trying to get them into condition
    health has to be first

    1. Hey Fritz, yes eventually all topics will be discussed but I want to make sure that we first focus on the topics that everyone really wants and needs first. Thanks for posting!

  4. What effect does the condition of the feather have on the lost of racing pigeons.
    ( tail feathers—-wing feathers—–head feathers)


    1. hi ken ,
      First comes the bloodline then comes the physical attributes yes it is also major factor when it comes to race, first tail should be stiff it means pigeon back bone is Strong .Secondly
      wings should be thin like our last finger so that it can wave its wings in the air without any extra effort,pigeons with think wings will struggle little bit,i would not say pigeons with these quality will win the race! its only an added advantage.bye

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