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  1. Sir ,

    Kindly provide me the medicine name . Egg formula , Some of my pegions are laying eggs but , but the egg is always infertile & the every time egg was broken , for thin egg shell .
    I am very upset to see this , please advise me ??

  2. I have been an average pigeon flyers for 10 years. I enjoy the sport a lot but due work and family, I tried to balance my world. A year after I lost my job, I decided to learn about pigeon racing as much as I could, read lots of article and open a pigeon store of my own. I studied hard about the qualities of my pigeons that won 1st places and always on the top 5 percent, what they have. I only look three factors in pigeons Eyes, wings and muscle and everything else I don’t care but most importantly their bloodline.
    I started breeding OLR pigeons based on my knowledge I learned from my consistent bird. I won’t 3 OLR in three years, placed well on short distances too. Then I formulated a program for YB and OB racing and used my knowledge as a mentor using my program. One 3 year old flyer who’s best win was a 2nd place combine, mentored him 2012 season OB and YB. This person won and no BS amazingly more than 300 diplomas OB and YB in combine results and over 30 1st. Good pigeons won’t do all the work for you but proper management,, like nutrition work the most wonders on pigeon, health by giving the correct medication on the right time, supplement and rejuvenation of pigeon condition week after week are big order and lastly, training when and what distance every races. All of this will take u to the top. Last year I mentored 4 flyers, one of them flew more 20 years and had not win any 1st place, won 2 1st and several diplomas and second best flyer in a very tough club, the other 3 also won several first. My advice is look at your best pigeon and see what qualities they have, don’t ignore medication and other things like nutrition if you want to win.. Buying lots of pigeon won’t solve the math.

  3. well at last some flyers are becoming aware of good nutrition for the birds, asking them to do things and not understanding what they need to overcome the perils of weather and predators.Too many flyers think just Peas /corn/Wheat. And the success they have is based on consistency and luck. the best thing for the birds is digestion stability, but as well they need a food source that enables them to build and maintain muscle texture and strength, as well as liver reserves,the results are subtle and only become noticeable with good returns in harsh and bad conditions as well as loft flying freely.I have been enjoying these results for 4 years and have introduced other flyers into these results, Be advised the results only come with time and good husbandry, good luck with learning, and have an open mind to try to find out WHY it works.

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