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Our Goals
Hello and welcome to PigeonRacingPigeon.com blog, our main goals here at The Pigeon Insider is to help preserve and promote the pigeon racing sport and hobby as well as helping with the development and growth of the sport through research, not to mention helping to educate pigeon fanciers worldwide. Here at The Pigeon Insider we pride ourselves on bringing the best information possible to our visitors. Whether you are a novice flyer just starting out or an expert with 50yrs experience we promise you, you will learn something here at The Pigeon Insider and if you dont I think at the very least you’ll enjoy your stay.

Our Community
Probably the best thing about The Pigeon Insider is our community of fanciers! we have the best group of fanciers from all walks of life, countries, backgrounds and know-how who are all willing to help other fanciers and regularly contribute to the blog. And I want to thank all of them right now, Sincerly Thank you!! because you are all what makes this site so powerfull. All the articles, videos and discussions posted here are open to discussion so please feel free to post your comments and thoughts, again thats what makes The Pigeon Insider so powerfull.

All fanciers are Welcome
Although our main topic here at The Pigeon Insider is, well you probably guessed it… Pigeon Racing, all pigeon fanciers are welcome. Fancy, show and pigeon keepers in general can all feel free to contribute to the blog. Much of the information here on the site will work for all pigeons not just racing pigeons. And if you have some information on other pigeon subjects such as fancy and show pigeons please feel free to drop me an email and we’ll try to get it posted for you.

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