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A while back I posted a tip from John Glemser where he told us how he trains his birds to associate his call (in his case a whistle) to being fed. You can read more about it by clicking here after you watch the video. He trains his birds while they are still in the egg and in this video you see exactly why. It’s obvious John has got this down to a science, watch the video above and see what happens when he blows the whistle it’s amazing.

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*Video* Whistle Response by John Glemser

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16 thoughts on “*Video* Whistle Response

  1. I have been using a whistle for the past 3 years and can get a hundred birds to trap within 30 seconds. It is amazing to see them apply the brakes in mid flight and head straight back to the loft.
    I have also used the whistle for birds arriving back from a race and it works just as well .

  2. I just whistle train them after they are wean at 25 days and by the time they are flying they already know the sound when I call them.

  3. This method works great! I’ve used this it call my birds
    in after Ive seen hawks flying close by! Fun to watch also!

  4. I used a whistle will train your pigeons great, and they can hear it good. But, it will also train any Hawks or Falcons in your area also. And they learn quick. I stopped the whistle because of area Coopers hawks showed up everytime they heard my whistle.

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