How Would You Classify Your Knowledge of Pigeons?


I hope your enjoying the website, as much as I am enjoying making it! 🙂 and I really want to get to know you better, I also really want to get a good feel of your comfort level with pigeons this way we can continue to bring you more informative content that better suits your needs.

So in this weeks discussion of the week I would like to know…

If you had to classify your knowledge of pigeons how would you classify yourself? would you classify yourself as a beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert? and why would you classify yourself as that?

It would also be great if you can add into your comments how long you have been involved with pigeons as well for example 1year, 20years etc.

So go ahead and post your comments by clicking here.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better!

Yours in the sport,

Discussion of the week, How Would You Classify Your Knowledge of Pigeons?

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227 thoughts on “How Would You Classify Your Knowledge of Pigeons?

  1. I guess im intermediate. Ive had pigeons on and off my whole life.Its when I get a sick one thats hard to tell whats wrong with it.Some diseases are so close with same symptoms

  2. I have been racing pigeons off an on for about 10years but this time in struggling to get a handy team together it seems it does not matter how fit or healthy if they are not quality they just cant cut the mustard so to speak specially when your in a bad spot but you can only keep trying eventually it will come together

  3. Hi I started out in October last year and consider myself very much a beginner. I am really enjoying training my birds and am looking forward to the first race. Many thanks to The Welsh homing pigeon union, (I am now a member), Pigeon insider and all the other great people who have helped and advised me as I get started in this great sport with these great birds.

  4. I have only had pigeons for a year now i have only recently got good birds, i have done lots of research on care, feed,breeding, i wont to learn all i can, yes i am a beginner

  5. I’ve only had pigeons for 5 years but because of a long history with poultry I would classify myself as advanced. I’ve made a serious study of feed, care, housing and genetics. I successfully fly doneks, which are a very difficult and involved breed to fly. I also fly highflyers and I had skycutters. All these breeds are very specialized and require in-depth knowledge of feed and conditioning to succeed. I feel like I’ve succeeded. The only thing preventing me from qualifying myself as an expert is a simple lack of a lifetime in the hobby. There just isn’t a substitute from hands-on experience.

  6. i started in 4h in 1958, flying homers in 1960, serious racing about 1970 till about 1995
    except during military in 71-72. forced to stop in 1995 till i retired in 2010 and am back
    flying ever since. i consider myself an advanced novice because i learn something
    every season. i have had some success since returning but not constancy i had with
    my old family, (90% wegge) but am well on my way to building a good family (wegge
    based). i personally think that an ‘expert’ is one that is someone that believes they have nothing left to learn so have stagnated and will inevitably fall by the wayside

  7. Hi Chris
    I have been racing pigeons since 1973 I have won my fair share of the races at club level and division.
    My issue that I leave home at about 6.00am and I am home at about 19:00 every day.
    I also have a son that is playing soccer at the highest level in South Africa and has been in the super sport united academy for 2 years and will under will be under 12 academy again this year which is taking up a lot of my time on weekends.
    I know that I could be much better if I had more time on my hands. I believe that I have probably the best record in our club over the long distance averages .
    My problem is that I don’t train hard enough in the begin so I am a little behind the winners in the first 10 . I like my bird to be well balanced carrying on extra weight and extremely healthy.
    I try and ensure that the birds get the best possible food all year round and no changes to the feed at all.
    I train my youngest from a very early age after they have been out for 5 days a basket them and take them to the front of my house which they can see the loft and they fly on to my house roof and still they can’t see there loft they sit there for a couple of hours check the surroundings and then the fly around a little but never far from the loft by that evening they are all home . next day I do the some this time the come home a lot quicker and then I go to the end of the street and let them out they all fly around and direct home, after that you will see that the birds train very well.

  8. I am definitely a beginner! This is my second young bird season . I am trying the training/flying systems to see what will suit me and my birds the best. My first mistake was thinking that quantity and not quality was the way to go. I have now acquired some very well bred pedigreed pigeons. One of the major issues I am having is getting young birds to break. The front of our club is about 150 miles wide. Birds need to break very soon after release. I am printing out each newsletter that you send for “Study Time”. I am retired so I have a lot of time. Is there a newsletter that talks about how to train for the break?

  9. I have been keeping pigeons for about seventy years , have about sixty in the loft now. I don’t over manage. I just provide safety and direction and let then teach me what they will. I suppose I know a few things but there is always more to learn. Over the years I have had about every kind but for the last twenty years it has been only racing homers.

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