How Would You Classify Your Knowledge of Pigeons?


I hope your enjoying the website, as much as I am enjoying making it! 🙂 and I really want to get to know you better, I also really want to get a good feel of your comfort level with pigeons this way we can continue to bring you more informative content that better suits your needs.

So in this weeks discussion of the week I would like to know…

If you had to classify your knowledge of pigeons how would you classify yourself? would you classify yourself as a beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert? and why would you classify yourself as that?

It would also be great if you can add into your comments how long you have been involved with pigeons as well for example 1year, 20years etc.

So go ahead and post your comments by clicking here.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better!

Yours in the sport,

Discussion of the week, How Would You Classify Your Knowledge of Pigeons?

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212 thoughts on “How Would You Classify Your Knowledge of Pigeons?

  1. HI
    I am 67 year old and i am keeping and racing pigeons since 17 years old.I am in IRAN and i have England racers and also jansone racers and they are very good ones.I race them 700 kilometers.My breeding system is linebreed sometimes inbreeding also ,never croose breeding.

    thank you.

  2. After 7 years and saving the lives of more than 600 pigeons, I consider myself advanced. Pigeons teach me something new every day. In 2007, I discovered that animal shelters frequently get domestic pigeons in but that no one is helping them to get care and homes. They were the only animals in the system with no rescue to help. I created MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue to close this cruel and deadly gap in the animal welfare community. Selective inbreeding domestic animals such as pigeons and exposing them to the dangers of the wild skies is unfair. They suffer and die for human entertainment. Please- stop breeding, care for your birds and consider becoming a rescuer rather than a racer. It is extraordinary to be able to save these beautiful, noble, loyal birds.

    1. If I took your advice I would have deprived myself of a moment which what I saw was no less than astounding! My bird 9091 (the weed eater as he was named by another)flew 550 miles which took 13 hours and beat the next bird home from all of Southern California by 17 minutes. When he landed what I saw was astounding his eyes were in a different position, he flexed his wings and muscles as he looked at me which he indicated what else do you want me to do. We produce a bird that is a magnificent specimen in the animal kingdom and it would be a tragedy to stop producing birds that can accomplish such a task.

    2. And oh yes I do not race anymore after 55 years because it is my opinion I got kicked out of the famed GHC club of 200 memebers because I beat the next competitor in the section (south) by 56 minutes which had 56 members entered in the 400 mile race that had headwinds. A couple of the members here in Florida was in California when I beat all of Southern California. Long distance racing is as art and is in no way comparable to short distance 100 mile races which they do here in Florida.

    3. This individual takes in many street pigeons then blame us for these birds. She is a pain in the ass for the racing community. she is based in San Francisco. For a race birds to be returned to its owner after she receives it from a shelters she charges the owner over $75.00. So who really abusing the birds? Who are really profiting here?

      As for breeding, Elizabeth is busy breeding more street pigeons herself.

  3. I’ve been a pigeon fancier since 1962, however the sport is life long learning. There is always something that you can learn about feeding, training, conditioning, medication etc. so keep and open mind and continue learning from the champions in your own club as well as in other regions.

  4. i have had pigeons for 40+ yrs i consider myself advanced i have won many races and championship over the years but i still am learning every day something new. the pigeon insider has helped me to think about all the mistakes and new ideas and ways to bring better health to my birds

  5. I have kept pigeons for over 45 years and in that time I have won many many first prizes at club fed classic and nat level. but there is always plenty more to learn the one thing about pigeon racing is there is always plenty to learn

  6. I have been racing pigeons since 1983.I started very well due to some very good pigeon fanciers giving me advice and excelent pigeons. I currently hold the record for the middle distance and long distance single bird averiges in the Gauteng UNION (South Africa)but I stil learn every day

  7. I’m Dane and I have been in to pigeons since December 2012. I would classify myself as an expert on racing pigeons, but as a lot of other people have been saying, you can learn something new every day.
    p.s I am nine years old 🙂

  8. Hi Chris iv’e been flying since 1978 and you can learn something every day.I enjoy your site there is
    a lot of good info to read or some times helping others Brad.

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