Secret #9: Build the “love of the loft” in your birds.

Secret #9: Build the “love of the loft” in your birds.

Racing Pigeon LoftSpend quality time with your birds, and you will improve your record.  Give the birds kind, gentle and regular attention so they will trust you.  This should make them contented and unafraid.  This loving care they receive will encourage their instinctive love of home, and it will speed them up or motivate them to their best performances on race day.

Secret #9: Build the “love of the loft” in your birds. By Bob Prisco

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7 thoughts on “Secret #9: Build the “love of the loft” in your birds.

  1. I’ve already said in one of my emails to Pigeon Insider how I’ve designed my racing pigeon natural lofts, the futures it has and my pigeons is very exited to be home. Cooing and flying inside the racing lofts all day long.

  2. Said the same thing a couple times, all the eye sign,strains, magic formula’s in the world won’t work unless ya really know your birds!

  3. I get to know my “babies” from the moment they are hatched, I let them get to know me by handling them and crooning baby talk to them, when I go into any of our lofts the birds come to greet me and I often sit in with them and let them jump all over me, they let me pick them up without fluttering in panic. We had a first second and third place in our club and second and third average speed. I believe if you love your birds they will love you back, they are my babies!

  4. Yo creo que son un conjunto de factores, por ejemplo, un palomar sano donde las palomas esten a gusto, comida balanceada, buen traine con sus pausas de descanso, buenas palomas y manos llenas de amor, saludo Homero.

  5. IF They love you, and like you in the loft, you can tell. When I clean the loft the birds walk on my back and shoulders. My race team consists of 11 old birds. Out of 10 races I had 7 firsts and 3-2nds. First average speed in club. So take time to know your birds, don’t hurt them or break thier spirit. My last race this year 6/12/2010 first, 2nd ,3rd ,4th, 5th, 6th ,7th and 8th. Sent 10 birds. Look for my secret on this site. John

  6. I have found that the birds want only a few things and they are : A clean, dry loft, proper food & grit and a lot of understanding. Always remember when we enter into a Loft, it isn’t our home, so act accordingly.

    Just my opion…Tony.

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