Secret #8: Lofts Should be Comfortable and Secure

Secret #8: Lofts Should be Comfortable and Secure

I believe that pigeons have no sense of luxury, but they do have a sense of comfort and security.  Therefore, a luxurious loft is not essential to success, but a loft must provide comfort and security from all outside dangers:

  1. Dry & Clean – Bleach loft and water & feed containers regularly.
  2. Adequate Ventilation – Provide plenty of fresh air,
  3. Plenty of Natural Sunlight
  4. Vermin Proof
  5. Not Overcrowded – Comfort and sleep is important.
  6. Trapping & Clocking – Give it plenty of thought and make your loft as pleasant as possible for you and the birds.

Secret #8: Lofts Should be Comfortable and Secure By Bob Prisco

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