Secret #8: Lofts Should be Comfortable and Secure

Secret #8: Lofts Should be Comfortable and Secure

I believe that pigeons have no sense of luxury, but they do have a sense of comfort and security.  Therefore, a luxurious loft is not essential to success, but a loft must provide comfort and security from all outside dangers:

  1. Dry & Clean – Bleach loft and water & feed containers regularly.
  2. Adequate Ventilation – Provide plenty of fresh air,
  3. Plenty of Natural Sunlight
  4. Vermin Proof
  5. Not Overcrowded – Comfort and sleep is important.
  6. Trapping & Clocking – Give it plenty of thought and make your loft as pleasant as possible for you and the birds.

Secret #8: Lofts Should be Comfortable and Secure By Bob Prisco

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5 thoughts on “Secret #8: Lofts Should be Comfortable and Secure

  1. I’ve some lofts that were small enough that I couldn’t “walk” into them, but the birds loved ’em! As long as you can reach everthing to keep it clean, feed them, etc. That one was up on a garage roof, and I used a ladder to get to it.The birds should feel “at home” to come home. That also includes trying to eliminate things around the outside from disturbing them. Tree branches, kids, dogs & cats, etc. Even domestic birds will get “spooky” if somethings hassling them!Thanks for the great info, & the chance to share our thoughts with others!

  2. I have noticed the natural curiosity and playfulness of intelligent birds. Does anybody else out there like the idea of providing more than just the basics, i.e. in addition to frequent baths, appropriate nesting and perches, proper feeding and grit, good ventilation and natural sunlight and a taxing training schedule adding elements strictly for amusement?

  3. I would like to ask the experts concerning ventilation- what is considered an unhealthy draft? These birds are descended from cliff dwellers, selected for thousands of years from breeders on open cliffs- pretty drafty! The worst thing is damp, stinky, stagnant air. Get rid of the dust and dander, keep it clean and dry.

  4. your100% right, if your birds dont feel securty, the birds will not fill comfort in the loft, this is where a lot of us go wrong! are coops should be build for the birds, not us.

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