Secret #7: I Believe in Heredity

Secret #7:  I Believe in Heredity

I believe in the simple principle of genetics, “Heredity is handed down from one generation to the next.”  No one can start with mediocre pigeons and castoffs from several different fanciers, and hope to come up with anything that is close to an established family of pigeons that will pass on the needed quality genes and traits.  Therefore, select from a family of pigeons that has bred continuous winners over a long period of time, at least 10 years in tough competition.

If you are not breeding from winners or children of winners, you are in trouble!  This is where it all starts.  All the time and money spent for care and training throughout the year can amount to hours of frustration, disappointment and expense.  Pairing the best with the best does not necessarily guarantee success, but it definitely increases the chances of it.

In both the racing and breeding lofts, the true value of a pigeon will be found only by actual tests, either by flying or by the quality of young it produces.  The true tests of a quality breeder are the performance and breeding success of its offspring, not its own race record.  If a bird cannot reproduce itself or better, it is no good as a breeder and should be culled.  Remember results will not be seen in one year.  It will take 2 years to see any real evidence.

Secret #7:  I Believe in Heredity By Bob Prisco

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15 thoughts on “Secret #7: I Believe in Heredity

  1. Hi Bob first off i would not waste a young bird at 600 miles to me they are still growing two year old
    pigeons are in there prime three year olds also after that they become what i call pluggers they
    are good on a really hard day usually you catch them the next day Brad.

  2. I believe in heredity. not all champions breed the same, some do other dont. i had good birds that bred better long distant bird. other did not.those that do not breed good ones i inbreed them with their relatives, and keep their ofspring for stock. i had very good results with some of them. some culling is needed.i been racing for 48 years and i am happy with the results i get. i believe that my breeding method is the best for my loft.

    1. Hi, Victor, can you chat with me about the pigeons. I’m also on the pig pellets. just following you. but it would be nice to chat to you and cover everything in more detail about your system. Your pigeon friend Mike SOUTH AFRICA

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