*Video* Hawk Control

Hawk Control

In this video John shows us some of his secrets he uses to keeping the hawks away from his birds. These are neat tricks that you can start using right now in your own loft to help control the hawks.


Hawk Control by John Glemser

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38 thoughts on “*Video* Hawk Control

  1. i am glad to had thanks to you for sharing such wonderful tips..they really worked for me…there are alot of bird control strategies in the market.. but the best is that get the results..

  2. hello,
    would like “411” on blood red eyes in pigeons an game birds, symptoms. are birds eyes look ta be filled with blood,an birds cant see ta eat or drink or fly.any info. greatly appreciated ,an much thanks an respect for wonderfull web sites an great knowledge shared for all, thanks again…bye 4 now.

  3. John, Thanks for the info on the CDs. I’ll give it a try. I would appreciate more info on obtaining the “hawk ball” that you have in the tree. E-bay didn’t recognize the term. Many thanks!

  4. John.
    Thanks for the information.Really enjoyed your hawk control,and feeding videos. Very interesting video on the supplements as well.
    Thanks again, and Happy Easter.
    John Narciso

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