*Video* Hawk Control

Hawk Control

In this video John shows us some of his secrets he uses to keeping the hawks away from his birds. These are neat tricks that you can start using right now in your own loft to help control the hawks.


Hawk Control by John Glemser

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38 thoughts on “*Video* Hawk Control

  1. how do I keep hawks from attacking pigeons when flying, exercising, morning and evening. Hawks come out of nowhere and dive on my flying birds. Two have been killed before they could even land. It is vey sad to lose two excellent birds to the damn hawks.


  2. Hello John….Although I’m in the city (philadelphia pa.) For years I had a really big hawk problem, I had more than one hang out on my landing board. I’m about a mile from the John Heinz nature center. I put a few cd’s on my loft, like you suggested in your pigeon insider back in March or April. I put two on the front of the loft, made them look like pair of big owl eyes. I secured them so they would move a little in the wind. The birds and I can’t thank you enough for solving our hawk problem. I have never seen my birds so relaxed when I give them open loft. It really is amazing. Thanks again!…. Tony

  3. Great tip. We have hawks here and my nieghbour put up quite big mirrors to protect his chooks. I didnt really want to do that because I have small grandchildren and was worried they may fall into them. The CDs is a great idea. Simple and cheap. Thanx

  4. Man, when I had my birds in Jersey I only had a hawk “problem” in the winter. We lived in a fairly wooded area, swamps-some woodland patches. But, during the summer just the big lumbering redtails were around! Winter was time for “Coopers hawks” bird eaters experts! Here, where we’ve been for the last 14 or so, all year around ya have to watch out! Now we’re out in Central Pa., “Amish” country. Lot’s of “big woods”, seperated by ginormous farms! Lot’s of hawks! Thanks! for the tips!

    1. high i live in the Amish country near shady maple and if you could let me visit you loft that would be great than i if would allow me to pick your brain for some info because im just starting and need some direction so that would be cool

  5. Great idea, John, and I’ll set up something similar today. Whatever protects our pigeons is well worth it. By the way you have some gorgeous birds there and they are so happy and tame! Janie

  6. I will definately try your methods, I usually have a problem this time of year and don’t let my birds fly too much until Spring time when most hawks take off to mate…Any advice to scare off hawks from my loft is appreciated and will be tried …Thanks again

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  7. Hi, My pigeons are about 6 months old… Will they fly back if I put up the cd’s or will they be scared of the reflection since they are about 6 months old.. We have had a hawk land in out yard and we are trying to get him away… Your video was a big help … Thanks

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