*Video* Hawk Control

Hawk Control

In this video John shows us some of his secrets he uses to keeping the hawks away from his birds. These are neat tricks that you can start using right now in your own loft to help control the hawks.


Hawk Control by John Glemser

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41 thoughts on “*Video* Hawk Control

  1. Thanks for the info I just lost 11 birds in the last Month of Sept and Oct and am just a beginner I will put it up tomorrow.

  2. i tried this and it does work and i also go out with mirror and shine it around where the hawks hang at and chase them away that works if you have the time . just let the neighbor’s what your doing so the don’t call the police saying you crazy lol

    1. i must do an update on my earlier post . i have cd. around my loft and landing board on 3 sides both sides and top . yesterday i let my birds out to exercise when they all trapped i went out do do a count just to make sure they all came back low and behold i had a cooper hawk in my loft eating one of my young birds . so this system works to a point but not full proof that is one of the most upsetting thing to have is a hawk in your loft .

      1. the only thing i found to work great is two things .
        1 is a crow call it will bring in some crows and also some buzzards
        2 a 12 gag shot gun with no pelts just a wad that scares the crap right out of them .
        but i live in the middle of central pa in Amish country where i can do these things . but work it truly does

  3. Hi Chris
    Thanks for posting this video on hawks control!!!! I have had a lot of hawks right by my loft this winter. Even had a them try to take birds of the loft roof a few times. My birds are pretty good at spotting the hawks and very evasive when they are flying. At this point i have not lost a bird that i know of. I put 2 12×12 mirrors on the roofs of my loft and house and it has worked wonderful. Now they don’t even get close to the loft or house. I still see them but way off in the distance. So thanks a lot this thread has probable saved some birds from BOP.

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  5. I was having trouble also when I first started doing the white dove releases in 2002. A old timer who has raced for a long time told me to get bread from the thrift store put it out to attrack the crows and or ravens. I tried it and it worked now I have nesting pairs of each near by. They have young bring the young to feed and have claimed the territory. The hawks don’t come any more or if they do they wish they hadn’t. They get swarmed and chased away.
    Marc Archambault

  6. i will try this i lost 10 birds two halks this year all they way up two september it got so bad they were hitting the birds in the sky on the loft and on the flight pen i almost felt like killing the hawks but there protected by law they finsly left in the middle of sept they ruined my young bird season the birds were so spooked they would look out side before going out side the loft so if this works my birds thank you and so do i

  7. Learn to fly either a Remote Control Airplane or Remote Control Helicopter and use it to chase the hawks away, maybe eventually the hawks will learn they are not allowed near where your birds fly. There are some very good electric powered remote control airplanes and helicopters out now at very reasonable prices.

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