Settling Your Youngsters

Settling Your Youngsters

Young Pigeons, Settling Your YoungstersMany fanciers take their squeakers outside the loft when they re 4 weeks old. They are too young to fly and cannot fly away. The youngsters will sit on the landing board and become familiar with their neighborhood. They also learn how to enter and exit the loft. Both of these are very important. If youngsters are frightened off the landing board before they know their surroundings and entry into the loft, they will probably become lost forever.

When the youngsters are first taken outside, they will spend a lot of time just sitting on the landing board and loft. They are becoming familiar with their surroundings and gathering information for their instincts which will allow them to find their way home.

This is a time when they need to be out for longer periods of time. When they are flying around the loft and are familiar with their surroundings, it is time to shorten their time outside.

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  1. ucked Up. commet for someone looking for information to be better fanciers we know they don’t run. Why these kind of answers for people trying to learn,???πŸ™„. Be helpful not condescending

      1. I think what he is asking for are the medicines to take care of his pigeons. We need to help rather than criticize their grammar. Like the old saying “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say nothing at all”


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