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9 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite pigeon tee!

  1. Hi Chris,t-shirt C is very sentimental.I like it very much..Is it possible to add the phrase (Please do not shoot).Anyway its perfect.Thanks Chris,keep up your good work in the sport..

  2. Hi Chris…my favorite t-shirt is D. However with just a picture of a bird will probably mean nothing to anyone reading it….My suggestion to get a message out there on pigeon racing on a t-shirt to read:
    I’D RATHER BE PIGEON RACING – The Sport of Champions!

    Good luck,

  3. B,C.D. With ‘B” being the one I’d keep if ya held a gun to my head! But, those are my favorites! 2X please.

  4. Hi Chris its a brilliant idea to promote our sport C give me the warm feeling (Yes their is no place like Home) Thanks Chris for all your effort you put in

  5. sorry I have just been looking at our birds work during the wars
    I would like to see something regarding this
    ITS NOW UPTO YOU and maby a photo of a plane ditching

    sorry not meaning to steal your thunder
    keep ut your good work regards peter

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