My Best Kept “Secrets”

My Best Kept “Secrets”

It is easy to understand the enthusiasm a fancier displays at the start of a new season.  Last season’s failures will soon be forgotten with this year’s great accomplishments and results.  However, to expect a great turn around is foolish unless the specific problems from past years have been corrected.  Basically, the pigeon fancier is a sentimentalist.  Unfortunately, this is a serious problem in many lofts.  Each year the fancier becomes attached to a few select birds.  This attachment is due to a fancy pedigree, cost, strain, eyes, build, color, etc.  After a few seasons of disappointing races, he does not or will not admit that some or all of these birds will never develop into anything but culls.  He keeps the birds, hoping they will improve.  He does not realize the harm that he is causing his loft.

Over the next few days I will be going over with you some of my best kept “secrets” if you will. These main foundation blocks are part of the reason I have been so successful in this sport.

My Best Kept “Secrets” By Bob Prisco

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  1. For Youg birds i feed 15% protien/no corn, i only ad 1/3rd brown rice,.medicate weekly but be done by monday, no lft fly,anless you have to. I prefer training,Air is your friend so dont over croud, Ive done this for many years & have had the # 1 ACE bird in all! of North America! Which i sold to Japan for a xcoolo $10,000. I can be reached at 4977654670. billy

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