Building Consistency In Your Birds (part 1 of 6)

I have written many articles over the years about my experiences with pigeons. I spent most of my life building a top notch strain of rollers. I painstakingly built a family of pigeons that consistently scored higher quality multipliers by the judges in World and National competitions. One of the most important aspects of putting together a family of pigeons that will perform to the strictest standards is starting with good stock. You can’t expect to build a great family of birds using inferior stock.

You would spend years trying to compensate for flaws in the gene pool by mating birds in a manner to compensate for weakness. You are fooling yourself to believe that this would come quickly. It is only wishful thinking at best.

So, to start we must find top quality stock. It is worth the price if the birds are truly top quality. The quality may be found through paying a lot or it just as easily may be found from a gift of a friend in the sport. Some of the best pigeons I have ever owned came from a gift and were the basis for my strain.

It is rare you will find someone that truly knows his line of pigeons and is willing to give up a great prospect to a stranger, even for a price unless he has plenty to spare. You will more likely get his second best. The only time it goes the other way is if the breeder has plenty of great birds and can spare one. I have seen some that got through because the owner didn’t really know what he had also.

Most guys that get started in racers will begin with substandard pigeons and spend several years learning the difference. All is not lost since much can be learned from such experiences.
You will be extremely lucky to find two truly top pigeons but this is the basis for a foundation. The best pigeons will be bred by you in your own loft providing you stick to the plan, pay attention to details and have the tenacity of a wood pecker. I was once asked which animal was my favorite in the animal kingdom. I answered it would have to be the wood pecker. When asked why I would choose a woodpecker from such a wide variety of animals I said because a wood pecker can peck a hole in a tree with his nose.

This takes great determination and steady pecking. I now use this in my business to motivate and focus, steady pecking will win the day.

Building Consistency In Your Birds (part 1 of 6) by Ken Easley

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4 thoughts on “Building Consistency In Your Birds (part 1 of 6)

  1. Very educative tips for beginners, and why not also old timers in the pigeon hobby.
    Especially for those struggling for years with a certain strain without having success.
    My own opinion quantity does´nt matter we should focus on quality.

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