Pigeon Auctions, Helpful Tips (Part 1 of 3)

The vast majority of public auctions are credible events that provide an excellent opportunity for buyers and sellers to meet at a central location and conduct business. Also, they provide an excellent opportunity for buyers and sellers to arrive at the fair market value of the birds.

Pigeon Auction Categories:

1. Complete Sell Out: A loft sells all of its birds, clocks, pigeon equipment, etc. / Going out of business

2. Loft Reduction: A loft reduces its number of birds, but it will still actively participate in the sport.

3. Select or Special Auction: One or more fanciers select special birds from their best pigeons to offer to other fanciers.

4. Donation Auction: Several fanciers, as many as 25 or more, donate a special bird for a charity or fund raiser.

5. Race Auction: A Race, as part of its rules, will auction its Race birds.  The owner has no choice. All birds that finish in positions 1 to 50 go to auction. Usually a 50/50 SPLIT between the OWNER and SPONSORS of the Race.

THE OLD PHRASES: “YOU PAY YOUR MONEY AND TAKE YOUR CHANCES” or “CAVEAT EMPTOR” ( THE AGE OLD WARNING OF “LET THE BUYER BEWARE”) CERTAINLY APPLY TO ANY RACING PIGEONS PURCHASED AT AUCTION. There are many honest, reputable individuals, but also there are those who have larceny in their hearts, and those individuals will seek to use the auction to dump flawed products or birds.

In this article series we’re going to show you some helpful tips for purchasing birds at auctions. These tips will help you from being taken advantage of as well as helping you to avoid some pitfalls that many fanciers fall victim to.

Pigeon Auction, Helpful Tips (part 1 of 3) by Bob Prisco