Settling and Loft Flying Pigeons – Feed & Medication Program For Young Birds In Training

Settling and Loft Flying Pigeons – Feed & Medication Program For Young Birds In Training

Settling and Loft Flying Pigeons - Feed & Medication Program For Young Birds In TrainingSETTLING and LOFT FLY: 35-40 DAY OLD BIRDS should be settled to the loft and know the trapping procedures. As birds start flying freely around the loft (2-3 times a day), the following should be applied until road training starts.

WATER: 2 days a week with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and fresh squeezed lemon

2 days a week multi-mixture #2 A OR B medication

1 day a week onion, fresh garlic, apple cider vinegar

2 days a week fresh water with bleach or NOLVASAN


  • 80% mixture various seeds(15-17%)
  • 10% safflower
  • 10% raw Spanish peanuts (#1 grade)
  • fresh grit and pellets free choice


  • 1 teaspoon Ridzol
  • 1 teaspoon Sulmet or amprol
  • 1 teaspoon concentrated aureomycin
  • 1 teaspoon TELMINTIC (WORMER)


  • 1 teaspoon emtryl
  • 1 teaspoon tylan
  • 1 teaspoon vetisulid
  • 1 teaspoon aureomycin

One week use mixture #2A, the next week #2B

Prior to road training all birds should be vaccinated for PMV and POX.

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Settling and Loft Flying Pigeons – Feed & Medication Program For Young Birds In Training by Bob Prisco

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32 thoughts on “Settling and Loft Flying Pigeons – Feed & Medication Program For Young Birds In Training

  1. Hi Chris i know the pigeon game has change a lot but i think most of our problem now with disease
    is because of too much medication a good flyer who only treat when there are problems i find they
    don’t have as many problems.And if you buy birds from someone who medicates a lot you are buying problems they have no immune system i’m not perfect either but we need to look at our
    selves because it is killing our pigeons Brad.

  2. Anybody that gives his birds bleach needs to have his head read.I find this program way to complicated for birds that have just been weaned,as a previous fancier mentioned ,they will never get a chance to build up their own immunity.Also to mix 4 muti’s does a bird no good old or young.
    Garlic is natures antibiotic and rather give this 3 days a week instead of the other rubbish mentioned here.The longer young birds go without medication the better.
    Any young bird program will also vary from country to country,as like here in South Africa we have to innoculate our birds against a few deadly viruses that found its way here due to the constant importing of birds from Europe.

  3. ridzol is hard to find here in the pet store. will it be okey to use metronidazole instead of ridzol for mixture #2a? also use doxycycline instead of aureomycin? thanks

  4. you all should taste your mixture if tastes to strong to you thats what it tastes to your pigieons the pourpse of apple cider vingar is to build a acid condition in your pigeons guts this condition is not friendly to kill off bad bacteria so your birds dont get sick and this condition takes time to build up so a little goes along way with time than if you do get a sick bird you can seperate him or her from the rest and treatbut i still vacinate all birds before race season 60 days before and 60 days before breeding season starts it takes time for all birds to build imunity to the vaccination

  5. Ive used bleach, it works fine, there internal organs are different to ours. It would kill us but doesn’t harm them. Some of the top belgium and dutch swear by it. Thing is though, I cant see why you would need to medicate so often though when bleach kills most things.

  6. So much good intention…so many flaws. Medicating 2 days a week with FOUR different products each day??? Several people hit the nail on the head. Let the birds develop their own natural immunity system…the weak ones will get sick – get rid of them at the first sign of sickness. The strong ones will stay healthy and will build a loft, racing and breeding teams, of strong & healthy pigeons. Let nature cull the weak ones and the racing basket cull the slow ones! And did he actually say BLEACH in the drinking water??? He obviously has not done his homework with the new evidence that is out on the internet. Even if it does work for him (???) then how about some type of dosage? Nothing on the medications, and nothing on how much bleach to use. Here’s a clue – straight from the bleach company Clorox – 16 DROPS IN A GALLON OF WATER KILLS EVERYTHING RIGHT UP TO TYPHOID (THE BLACK PLAGUE)!!!! How many people put teaspoonS or tablespoons into their drinkers? I dare you to take a sip and see how YOU like it. Tip o’ the wing to John Glemser, old buddy.

    1. Gotta agree with you on this one John, natural is the best. Garlic is 4 cloves per Gal, and applecider vinegar twice weekly. Bleach or Novasan…………are you kidding,use for cleaning only and rinse well.

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