Road Training and Racing Pigeons – Feed and Medication Program for Young Birds in Training

Road Training and Racing Pigeons – Feed and Medication Program for Young Birds in Training

Road Training and Racing Pigeons - Feed and Medication Program for Young Birds in TrainingFEED – 3 times a day: Once in morning 2 hours before road training; Once mid-day; Once evening.  Feed the birds all they want to eat at each feeding. The birds are always sent to road training with plenty of fuel or gas in their tank. NEVER HUNGRY OR THIRSTY!

  • 70% mixture various grains(15-17%)
  • 15% safflower
  • 15% Spanish peanuts
  • Fresh grit and pellets free choice

Training or road trip / land / trap / peanuts, always the same routine. Never change it, and you will have no problem with trapping.

WATER: In loft at all times:

  • 2 days vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, lemon
  • 2 days multi-mixture medication #3
  • 1 day onion, garlic, apple cider vinegar
  • 2 days teas, every other week 1 day substitute WORMER for tea.


  • 1 TABLESPOON Ridzol
  • 1 TABLESPOON Sulmet-aureomycin
  • 1 teaspoon tylan
  • 1 teaspoon vetisulid
  • 1 tablespoon vitamins

Two weeks before the race series starts, put the birds on 5-7 days of 3000-3500 mg AMOXYCILLIN per gallon of water. You can still train the birds while on AMOXYCILLIN with no problem.

One week before the race series starts, until series is over, feed 3 times a day on a regular routine: 60% mixture, 20% safflower, 20% peanuts, grit, pellets. ALL THE BIRDS WANT TO EAT!


  • DAY OF SHIPPING- vitamins, minerals, electrolytes
  • DAY BIRDS RETURN (24 HOURS) vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, lemon.
  • next 48 hours – multi-mixture #3
  • next 48 hours – fresh water with bleach or NO LVASAN
  • next 48 hours or shipping day – vitamins, minerals, electrolytes.

The week between races, the birds should receive plenty of rest in loft. WARM BATH WITH EPSOM SALTS THE FIRST NICE DAY AFTER RACE. Loft fly once a day. Light training 20-30 miles in the middle of week. Loft fly during the last days before shipping the next race. KEEP THE LOFT QUIET AND LET BIRDS REST FOR NEXT RACE. DO NOT OVER TRAIN THE BIRDS BETWEEN RACES. THE BIRDS NEED TIME TO RECOVER PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY BETWEEN RACES.

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Road Training and Racing Pigeons – Feed and Medication Program for Young Birds in Training by Bob Prisco


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13 thoughts on “Road Training and Racing Pigeons – Feed and Medication Program for Young Birds in Training

  1. MR : Steve Taskay

    I am Kamala Kannan Living in India(TamilNadu (CHENNAI))…
    First of all I am very sorry for your sad story.. So many told that it is because of weather conditions, Magnetic poles, Cell phone towers etc etc., But actually it is not the problem for you…. This is all because of “Steve Taskay”

  2. If you give your birds bleach your races are will not win a big race or a hard race and you lost your birds.

  3. Look at the video on young bird training by ther are #3things you need to do befor start trianing email me if you need help. I have 40 babys to start thaining hard fly 15 races.7 are 320 miles at the end of racing .I have 35 left.You can do the same.

    1. HAI MY NAME ir aravind nd i have d pair of homer .i want to train a baby but i dnt have race pigeon loft .i dnt have idea how to construct a racing loft so plz help me

  4. Agree with the comments made by Aviators Loft. Natural immunity is by far superior. One cannot acheive that by propping them up with meds.

  5. da super frumos articol . nus ce sa zic despre antibotice dar io am inceput sa le reduc .. acuma fiecare cum crede ..

  6. Lost 50 young birds.

    We are sick. We have had a great breeding season this year. Had some great young birds. We had a 2011 young bird team of 70 birds. We have been training out to 38 miles, taking them twice to the same spot before moving farther. We lost a bird here and there mostly due to injury, Wires, broken wings, etc. They were coming home great. Good times, large entire group. Jumped up to 45 miles, released at 11:00 a.m. sky’s clear no wind. We shipped 61 healthy young birds and got back 6 on the day and the other 24 on the second & third days. Rested birds to place in our first young bird race this past Saturday. This Friday we shipped all our young birds. 27 in total. 100 mile race. Weather clear, light wind. So we got back 7 birds. So in less than one week we lost 50 young birds…….WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!

    1. Steve,
      Last year we had some terrible losses when there was no apparent adverse weather conditions. Just like you described. It could be the magnetic fields or who knows??? We were having guys taking there birds out only 3 miles and it taking hours and hours for the birds to get home. where do you live?

  7. Stupid programm !!!!

    How can you give so many medicine to your YB instead letting them developp their own immunity….

    You have all wrong man.

  8. in other post it mentioned we should not give anti-biotics of the birds are not sick. We should not use medicine for prevention. Can you please clarify. cheers!

    1. Amoxicillin is a broad spectrum to prepare them for the race season, any ailments that might occur when under stress during training

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