What Can Fanciers Do To Help The Pigeon Racing Sport Grow?

Pigeon Racing GrowthLast weeks discussion of the week we asked what you thought the current state of pigeon racing was? alarmingly the general consensus seemed to be that the sport of pigeon racing was dying and the main reason fanciers felt this way seemed to be cost. The Pigeon Insider has fanciers from all over the globe so it was pretty interesing to see some of our friends from other parts of the world say that the sport was growing. Maybe we can learn from each other and get the pigeon racing sport to grow universally all around the world by learning what each one of us are doing.

So in this weeks discussion of the week we would like to know?

What do you think fanciers can do to help the pigeon racing sport grow?  

Post your comments on what you think each one of us can do to help promote the sport, also let us know if you have any ideas on how to lower costs etc. If your in an area where the sport is on the rise post your comments and let other fanciers know what has worked in your area.

We will be forwarding all of your comments to pigeon racing organizations around the world, Hopefully; together we can help the sport grow universally around the world.

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199 thoughts on “What Can Fanciers Do To Help The Pigeon Racing Sport Grow?

  1. I think from where I live that is Tumahole in Free state province, pigeon sport should be encouraged to school children that the children should adopt a pigeon for their school and school must compete in the sport….to stimulate the love in yougn kids.

  2. I just recently connected a local club in Ohio and found the members very helpful after getting my loft ready I was gifted with 18 young birds. I had pigeons when I was a boy and am just getting back into the sport. The 2 things that are restricting the sport would be (1) a lack of knowledge all my family and friends had zero idea that the sport even existed. I would like to see the AU come up with a advertisement package to help clubs get the sport into the main stream. (2) cost primary the cost of a clock! It would be impossible for a young fancier to convince there parents to payout $600-$900 for something that they might or might not stick with long term. Maybe if the industry could design a rental or lease program through the local clubs that hurdle could be overcome.

  3. I think for first two years federations should let new flyers race at a much reduced rate to help them get established first and maybe put an add in local papers

  4. 1. Cost, everyone has a budget so this is always a factor. The timing system for me is the biggist initial entry cost.
    2. I live in an area with 100,000 population and have no organized racing pigeon club. The club that was here stopped because the members age.
    3. Mentoring and promotion would have helped in the above situation.
    4. Provicial, County and cities bylaws directly aimed at the keeping of pigeons promoted by the province of Alberta.

  5. Hi ,It’s a long way from the time I was a kid and pigeons were in every other household on the street,but it’s true it’s lack of having a mentor to show the youngsters how fascinating and rewarding pigeon keeping can be,it has picked up a bad reputation with ruthless fanciers exploiting the birds for profit with little regard for the birds well beieng,shorter racers with strict protocol ,and wider audience or you tube has done a lot to educate people in the joy of keeping and breeding winning birds ,but also the everyday interaction with the birds ,it can relieve stress,I love every morning going to the loft and hanging out with the birds watching them feed and observing them in the morning sun as they take off and do their flights around the house ,once you have that intimacy with them s new love affair takes over,

  6. We’re in an age we’re when I was a kid you played out dawn till dusk or when you got shouted in for your tea and then bath for school I’m 53 nowadays kids come home from school straight in there room on game consoles mobiles or computers various sites etc so there no interest from younger people in anything else but this how often do you see children in the street on there bike or with a football none only one on a bike you see is the pizza delivery your child as ordered i know this I have five kids a lot know nothing about the pigeon sport they just see the strags in the street and call them flying rats they need some advertising when I was young remember blue Peter had pigeon loft and raced them I loved watching it when I came in from school me dad kept canary’s yes you guessed i had pigeons not long after there’s got to be some advertising about it or get a slot on the telly so kids can see it also there use to be a junior page in the bhw paper don’t know if it’s still in it but you could write in and hopefully get some kind fancier who will reply to you and send you some birds for free or if local invite to look at his pigeons and his loft settup give you tips and some birds a fancier from London sent me six my dad just had to pay the delivery on the train got some crackers delbars off me dads workmate he give me loads of help he was a top flyer teddy davin great man but you have to get the kids interested I know that visit the schools get them interested

  7. Newbies and would be pigeon fanciers are discourage by the high prices of quality racing pigeons aside from the cost of raising, training and loft construction. It would be nice if the veteran fanciers sells their young birds or stock birds at reasonable price to encourage newbies and would be fanciers to continue their hobby and it will help promote the racing pigeon Sports.

  8. My thoughts only.
    Many years ago . If lads were interested in pigeons they became loft boys for a particular fancier . No payment was given but vast knowledge was past onto the lads, eventually the fancier gave the lads pigeons of there own and other items ,baskets ,etc, perhaps this could be something that could help .
    Also perhaps a club could set up a fund to help young fanciers , fancies could donate items of equipment, subsidies the cost of sending the birds to a race limiting the amount of birds they could send, a clocking system could be given with the understanding that it remains the property of the club ( until it was or could be paid for ) Set up a junior section so the juniors would compete against them selves even though they were also competing against the older more experienced flyers at the same time . It’s a form of encouragement, so they do not get disheartened . Something I was actually involved with back in the mid sixties and it worked quiet well . Finally talking of subsidising possible let them join a club or federation with out cost or at a lower cost .
    Well my thoughts only

    1. Hi, Mike.
      Those aren’t just thoughts: those are concrete and seemingly feasible ideas – just what the Pigeon Racing sport needs. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Yes, it is a little expensive, because I use a small number of racing pigeons (20) pigeons and for two seasons race, and the pigeons that do not achieve amazing results I do not sell but I use it to produce a desired pigeon in the market (not of the carrier pigeon species) in this way I reduce the costs of the homing pigeon and it is finally a hobby For the purpose of competition and pleasure.

  9. It has a bad reputation due to welfare concerns eg widowing, making pigeons fly across the channel, sending them to South Africa where the conditions are too cruel in every respect, sending pigeons to China and other places where they do not use/have any veterinary/husbandry knowledge. This aspect is growing, even if pigeon racing is declining, and it is making pigeon racing almost a blood sport where people don’t seem to care about the birds as individuals. Secondly, even though the medications are affordable, the testing required prior to medicating is often very expensive. You can do quite a bit with your own microscope but far from everything.

  10. Hi its a tuff one as i mention last time there is no money so i got no plan at all
    still want to know how can i compete with my old benzing clock ? first you get no rubber bands
    to proof your birds is also in time well my friends sorry i hold my hands up
    kind Regards

    1. Hey Chris, my name is Christian and I got some great ideas of how this sport can really take off! Contact me and we can talk about it properly! My way will work but we will need the right influence and probably a lot of money but the rewards will be great🙏🏽
      Look forward to hearing from you

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