*Video* Teaching Young Racing Pigeons How To Eat

*Video* Teaching Young Racing Pigeons How To Eat

Here is another fantastic video from our friends at the 4H Pigeon Club. In this video you are going to learn how to teach your young birds how to eat properly.

It may sound like an easy thing but you’ll see in the video some very special feeding techniques and theories that will help turn your young birds into very strong racing pigeons.

In this video your going to learn…

* Why it’s important for your babies to “hear” the feed first.
* Why and how to train your babies to eat large grain first and keep them from being “small seed eaters”.
* What to look for while your birds are eating.
* How to incorporate your “dinner bell call” this way them come when called.
* and much more…

Watch it now by clicking the play button above!

Your going to enjoy this video very much. After you watch be sure to post your thoughts and comments in the comments section below the video, can’t wait to read them.

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