Pigeon Tonic

Pigeon Tonic
Use the following pigeon tonic receipe below, helps promote health during both the race and moulting seasons.

10 Tablespoons Colombine tea 10 Tablespoons White nettle
Boil the above in 2 liters of water for 5 minutes. To this add :

10 Tablespoons of raw sugar
Dissolve the sugar into the hot tea and let the whole thing cool off.

When the tea and sugar mixture has cooled off add:

5 Tablespoons of fresh pressed garlic juice 5 Tablespoons of fresh pressed onion juice 10 packets of electrolytes from Versa Laga{ this is about 10 tablespoons} 5 Tablespoons of Carlsbad Salt { a mild purgative} 5 Tablespoons of Genever or Vadko {helps to preserve the mix}
Keep in a glass jar in a cool dark place (refrigerator)

Use one tablespoon of the above mix to one liter of fresh water at the beginning of the week during the racing season. During the moulting season it can be used several days in a row every week.

Pigeon Tonic

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29 thoughts on “Pigeon Tonic

  1. Can you introduce me to a supplier of the ingredients? Apart from the garlic and onion these ingredients are not obtained in Trinidad.

    Kenny Boodoosingh

  2. Thankx guys. My name is Devlin staying in India city called Kolkata.I keep high flying homing pigeons.We have compititions during the summer months when it is about 40+.Just want to know one thing when the pigeon comes down after 10 to 11 hours what is the best solution to make the pigeon recover?

  3. I don’t make use of tonics as pigeons burn it out quickly. What is in the tonic is in nature there for i stick to mother nature what feeding to my pigeons is concerned. Pigeons don’t tend to burn the vitamins, etc… out quickly when they get there body needs in via seeds, etc… but with tonics, seems to me my neighbors pigeons get quick out of breath when just circling around their lofts. As their owners give them tonics. I told him he is wasting his money on tonics.

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  4. hi sir chris thanks for the nice articles!!! i like this articles i hope you have more strategies about racing pigeon tips..this is verry informative and god bless you.

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