Pigeon Tonic

Pigeon Tonic
Use the following pigeon tonic receipe below, helps promote health during both the race and moulting seasons.

10 Tablespoons Colombine tea 10 Tablespoons White nettle
Boil the above in 2 liters of water for 5 minutes. To this add :

10 Tablespoons of raw sugar
Dissolve the sugar into the hot tea and let the whole thing cool off.

When the tea and sugar mixture has cooled off add:

5 Tablespoons of fresh pressed garlic juice 5 Tablespoons of fresh pressed onion juice 10 packets of electrolytes from Versa Laga{ this is about 10 tablespoons} 5 Tablespoons of Carlsbad Salt { a mild purgative} 5 Tablespoons of Genever or Vadko {helps to preserve the mix}
Keep in a glass jar in a cool dark place (refrigerator)

Use one tablespoon of the above mix to one liter of fresh water at the beginning of the week during the racing season. During the moulting season it can be used several days in a row every week.

Pigeon Tonic

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29 thoughts on “Pigeon Tonic

  1. Hi Albert mare.Just got the post and saw your comment saying you live in NZ now but not sure where to get pigeon products from.You can buy many pigeon products from CHECKER-FLIGHT NEW ZEALAND 18 HENWOOD RD,TAUPAKI,AUCKLAND.E-MAIL [email protected] Ask them to post you a price list of all their pigeon products,and they can courier the products to your door.Hope you get this.

  2. I might have to try that! for me! Garlic-tea? sounds healthy enough. Really, it’s good to give them a “pick me up” even(maybe esp.’ly) during the off season too! Winter can be rough on birds depending on where you live.I know a guy who lives in Alberta, enough said! He tries to keep them well fed,& lets them out on “warm” days.Besides, after the winter comes breeding season. How are they then??????? Good stuff! Always enjoy the articles.

  3. And where do you get some of these ingrediants? I am not sure about raw cane sugar… maybe glucose instead…much more digestable. Beet sugar is also very digestable.

  4. hi my name is albert i raced pigeons in cape town south africa did not race very well but i really enjoy the sport.i now live in new zealand and just started off with my birds again but in new zealand its very hard to buy any produts fo pigeons like tea its just a small club with a bout 20 members spoken to some of the guys acording to them they dont use any thing on there birds .i manged to buy some good birds of the club champion .one can buy something for canker and cocksie but thats all. looking for some send me some dewormer annd tea .my birds are in pretty good health but they are stock birds.at moment i give them garic in there water ones a mouth thats all.

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