Pigeon Tonic

Pigeon Tonic
Use the following pigeon tonic receipe below, helps promote health during both the race and moulting seasons.

10 Tablespoons Colombine tea 10 Tablespoons White nettle
Boil the above in 2 liters of water for 5 minutes. To this add :

10 Tablespoons of raw sugar
Dissolve the sugar into the hot tea and let the whole thing cool off.

When the tea and sugar mixture has cooled off add:

5 Tablespoons of fresh pressed garlic juice 5 Tablespoons of fresh pressed onion juice 10 packets of electrolytes from Versa Laga{ this is about 10 tablespoons} 5 Tablespoons of Carlsbad Salt { a mild purgative} 5 Tablespoons of Genever or Vadko {helps to preserve the mix}
Keep in a glass jar in a cool dark place (refrigerator)

Use one tablespoon of the above mix to one liter of fresh water at the beginning of the week during the racing season. During the moulting season it can be used several days in a row every week.

Pigeon Tonic

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28 thoughts on “Pigeon Tonic

  1. Sounds like a bit much to me…when i think of adding garlic to tea it makes me go yuck even though i love both…In my opinion i think garlic should be used alone, i know when i add to much of certain things to myself it will just run through me defeating the purpose…however thanks for passing this along, while i may not agree with this the helpful info passed along on here i know alot of us do find very helpful.

  2. Knights racing pigeon ELIXIR

    Green, Ginsing tea – 2 bags per liter (qt) boiling H20
    Rose hip tea – 1 bag per liter H20
    add 3 cloves garlic crushed to hot H20, let cool.
    1 table spoon honey
    Juice 1/2 lemon (1 whole lemon if desired).
    1/2 tea spoon iodized salt.
    1 teaspoon ELECTROVITE (vitamins & electolytes)
    Administer twice weekly before and after race,+ breeding.
    KEEP EM FLYING A friend in the sport
    Mel Knight

  3. Can you explain to me what is the combination of colombine tea and white nettle and what is the other product can i subtitute that tea

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