What are your views on eyesign?….

Ahhhhhh Eyesign!!!…..

it’s one of the biggest debates in our sport. Some absoluely love it and think it’s the best way of evaluating their birds and some absoluetly hate it and think it’s nothing but myth.

Well I wanted to start a discussion and see what your views are on eyesign? post your comments below and share your views on eyesign, share if you have any experience using it and what the outcome was. Is it part of your evaluation process? and if so what do you use it most for, finding racers are breeders?

So go ahead and share you views on eyesign by posting your comments here.

What are your views on eyesign?

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137 thoughts on “What are your views on eyesign?….

  1. In eye sign I look small pupils and the most important thing which I look under eye lids which is not visible must be dark gray or black if so that pigeons is good breeders and good for croos.That what I look.Have nice day Art.

  2. the only test is the racing basket. Nice eye or not, if the birds are not healthy and fit they won’t be getting home, no matter how nice their eye’s are.

  3. I looked into it many years ago, and have never found any proof of difference. Unless the pigeon keeps walking into walls.
    We all look for the magic system to believe in that will give us the winning edge.
    But all we need is good quality birds with good conditions and correct training.

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