*Video* Evaluating EyeSign in Pigeons

*Video* Evaluating EyeSign in Pigeons


Here is another great video from Dr. John Lamberton, in this video Dr. Lamberton shows us how he uses eyesign to evaluate his pigeons. You should take note that he uses eyesign as just another piece of the puzzle or only a small componant in the overall evaluation of his pigeon.

*Video* Evaluating EyeSign in Pigeons by Dr. John Lamberton

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14 thoughts on “*Video* Evaluating EyeSign in Pigeons

  1. Hi , i’m from Barbados , a relatively small island , it is only 156 sq miles , as a result we are forced to fly our birds on open waters , we do this by flying from neighbouring islands such as St. Vincent , Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago, these races are very demanding on our birds as there is no where for them to land or rest ,therefore only the best will survive. the members of our club have experimented with the eye sign theory in our racers but it does not seem to be a major help in choosing a successful pigeon , so we rely heavilly on performance during training and the actual races

  2. Never gave it much thought, although I do like a pigeon with 2 of them. On a serious note, I myself have never given it much thought, but I must admit I do like a pigeons eye that dilates very small in the sun light and is clear……… so sue me lol. Some believe, some don’t, use what works for you and enjoy this hobby……..keep it easy.

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