*Video* Evaluating EyeSign in Pigeons

*Video* Evaluating EyeSign in Pigeons


Here is another great video from Dr. John Lamberton, in this video Dr. Lamberton shows us how he uses eyesign to evaluate his pigeons. You should take note that he uses eyesign as just another piece of the puzzle or only a small componant in the overall evaluation of his pigeon.

*Video* Evaluating EyeSign in Pigeons by Dr. John Lamberton

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14 thoughts on “*Video* Evaluating EyeSign in Pigeons

  1. thank you for the info. It helps me a lot. The eye sign is very good, by means of asking what you want to know as you look in to the eye..

  2. Sorry, I think there’s much more to it than the “eyes”! Thanks for the info just the same.

  3. I have studied eyesign for years. Have judged several eyesign classes in show. Took a college credit course in it from Boise St. University, and I am yet to be convinced that the eye can tell the value of a bird from a breeding or flying standpoint. Sure it is interesting, but it is far from a science that some would have you believe (in my opinion).

    Many put a great deal of stock in it. I don’t

    John Boyle

  4. on my best opinion i believe on the eyesign because you can see that the healthy pigeon, breeding speed lines,distance,poor health& short distance..i will not rely on the eye sign when the race start i also base on the good health,goo9d feather,good muscle& blood lines or winning lines! thanks

  5. On my own point of view,eyesign is the way to see if your bird is in good condition/healthy.Basket is indeed the real test for a good pigeon.Even though I’am just a newbie with this kind of sport,I’am not 100% agreed or believed with the good eyesign is a good racer,partly it is true because you can see the health of a pigeon through the eyes….

  6. May 26,2010@9:24 pm I’m no expert on eyesign but I trully believe that you can pick a good breeder by eyesign. The eye tells the health of the pigeon. And when healthy the eye is at it’s finest with all the facets of the eye jumping out at you. Over the years I’ve noticed certain things that can almost guarantee the bird will be a good producer. An active eye with good texture in the circle of correllation and the presence of the granules that make up the circle of correllation bleeding over into the edge of the pupil and a relatively heavy iris with good coloration and heavy serration along with good feather,muscel,bone,balance and bouancy and you’ve got yourslf breeder.


  8. I only use the eye to evaluate health. I think its just one part of a bigger picture, that being the whole bird. In my mind the race basket is the only true test of a racer. I also believe that winners breed winners and a poor pigeon with great eye sign is still a poor pigeon.

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