*Video* A Surfing Racing Pigeon… Seriously!


Have you ever seen a surfing racing pigeon? if not now you have, check out the awesome video by clicking the video below.

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7 thoughts on “*Video* A Surfing Racing Pigeon… Seriously!

  1. Thought this sites name was (The Pigeon Insider). So when do we get some Inside information. All I ever received is old outdated information that I’ve seen on YouTube.

  2. How do you no he was not taking the bird to safety to quick to judge that’s the reason our sport is dying get the facts first

  3. Total waste of time. The poor pigeon wanted to be there about as much as I like going to the dentist. Why didn’t you just tie him or she down maybe you could have drowned him. The pigeon needs to get a restraining order on this fool.

  4. Clark, Steve, Tom,
    I think you 3 do not belong in the Racing Pigeon game!! To tame a pigeonto sit stil with all the rambling and than even want to take a bath thats splendid thanks Cris

  5. It looks like her was lost and was so tired that he couldn’t get away. In Portugal – I have heard that thousands have died in the ocean.

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