Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth

Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth

Top performance lofts and their great results are displayed throughout the various racing publications around the world.  These fanciers have become famous for their outstanding race achievements as both young bird and old bird flyers.  Their training, feeding, health, medication programs, loft design and other techniques have been put on tapes (audio & video), with books written and sold for all to enjoy and learn from the “MASTERS”.  “They have opened the doors to their lofts and the secrets to their successes”.

These collectibles cover every aspect of our great sport.  Many of the fanciers travel around the world to give seminars on their successful methods and offer advice to all who will listen.  These methods to success and fame vary.  Some fly the Light System, others the Dark System, Natural System, Widowhood, Double Widowhood, etc.

Their feeding programs and feed types vary even more than their training systems.  The medications and additional supplements programs that the “MASTERS” use range from those that contain NO medication to those that require the knowledge of a self proclaimed doctor or veterinarian.

The same broad spectrum of techniques vary from fancier to fancier in loft design, breeding, eye sign, wing theory, old bird racing, etc.

No wonder a new fancier, or even an established one, becomes so confused.  There is so much information out there today:  tips, tactics, vital secrets, facts and information for success.  How do we see, “BEYOND THE HYPE” and “IDENTIFY THE GENUINE TRUTH”, to determine what we really need to know?

You must separate fact from fiction to seek the truth.  There must be some things that all these WORLD PROVEN CHAMPIONS have in common to bring respected success year after year.  To be sure, without these common ingredients there would be no “WORLD FAME or MASTER TITLE”:

  1. A Source of Quality Proven Stock – either from their own breeding loft or someone else’s.
  2. A Training System that works for them and their birds;
  3. Excellent Health Practices and Loft Hygiene;
  4. A Trapping System that is quick and efficient;
  5. A Medication System to keep the birds healthy;
  6. A Quality Feeding Program and Supplements to aid the birds’ performances; and
  7. A Loft that is functional and properly positioned for their locations.

Improving any one of these 7 items will definitely help any fancier.  However, it may be necessary to make a few improvements in all 7 areas to create results.  You need to take a strong, objective look at each area to see if you can improve your methods.

Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth By Bob Prisco

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13 thoughts on “Beyond the Hype; Identify the Truth

  1. Hi you get some fanciers that are lazy, and are expected to win races so if you are not dedicated you SHOULD give the game away.

  2. Hi,
    The 7 tips are very good and lets not forget that sometimes it depends on the weather or environment in your country, Like at our country mostly heat weather and rainy season so its up to you how could you manage your loft by using those 7 tips.

    1. Sounds like your having a hard time keeping pigeons in form,With weather that changes so quick I TRULY UNDERSTAND I have almost the same problem here in FLORIDA,Hot to cold then it get’s windy and rains for 2 to 3 sometimes 4 days in a roll. What seems to be working for me is APPLE CIDER VINAGER in the water 3 times a week on hot weeks when it rains everyday until rain stops also short tosses after rain stops 2 to 3 so pigeons system doesn’t crash and it builds up and fine tunes there homing ablities,


  3. Hi
    The 7 tips you got are very good. # 8 It is gust like any thing else you get out of it what you put into it.


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