Secrets of a Successful Pigeon Fancier (Part 3)

Apple Cider Vinegar and PigeonsSecret 13

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the best natural additives that can be given daily to the pigeons.  We give one ounce to the gallon nearly every day of the year.  We also mix in vitamins and probiotics several times per week.  For a natural product to have benefits it must be used regularly over a long period of time.  Apple Cider Vinegar makes the gut acidic.  Bad bacteria does not thrive well in an acid environment.  The good bacteria and normal pigeon gut bacteria love the acid (Apple Cider) environment.   We usually buy the gallon container at the super market.  If you only have a handful of pigeons the Apple Cider Vinegar sold at the health food stores is better. 

All winter and the entire breeding season we give the apple cider vinegar every single day.  We do not use the vinegar as much during the race season.  I am too worried to that the race team will not be hydrated enough if I put the vinegar in the water.  When I do use it during racing it is in the water for just the morning feeding.   Used over the long term Apple Cider Vinegar has positive effects on the pigeons.

I never mix the Apple Cider Vinegar with medications.   

Secret 14

Please do not feed Popcorn to your pigeons.  Popcorn is very hard and does not absorb water easily.  If you put popcorn in a glass of water for 24 hours it does not swell or get soft.   Popcorn should not be included in any pigeon feed mix.  Use a regular large corn in the feed mix and your results will improve in both racing and breeding.
Secret 15

We do not medicate youngsters in the first many months of their lives.  If possible just vaccinate and worm with moxidectin.  Medicate only if it is absolutely necessary.  Our youngbird team will not be medicated for anything until they are in the racing season.  Our young pigeons that are not raced either bred for stock or sale may not receive anything but Virkon S and moxidectin for over a year.  Pigeons that are allowed to build natural immunity when young have less problems with health for the rest of their lives.   Do yourself and your pigeons a favor by keeping them as natural as possible. 

For pigeons to stay healthy naturally they cannot lack anything.  We give apple cider vinegar just about daily along with numerous mineral cups, grits, probiotic several times per week, vitamins two or three times per week, garlic etc.  If the birds are not lacking anything, their immune system works optimally.

Secret 16

You can pretty much feed any grain and or pellet mix and raise super babies providing you have every mineral and grit available to the pigeons.  Vitamin deficiencies do not effect the pigeons nearly as much as mineral deficiencies.  We keep pink vitamineral, brown mineral blocks, pick pot minerals, oyster shells, grit mix, red stone, magnesium blocks etc in separate cups in front of the breeders at all times.  Your babies will be spectacular.

 Secret 17

There is only one type of oil that should be used on our feed for the pigeons.  That oil is Flax Seed Oil.  This oil is high in Omega 3’s and the health benefits are endless.  Wet the feed with the Flax Oil and then add a good natural flavored whey protein or brewers yeast.  Never chocolate because it is poisonous to pigeons.  Omega 3 oils act as an anti-inflamatory which allows the pigeons to keep flying when others have quit due to swelling and fatigue.  Tuesdays and Thursdays during racing and breeding will be enough for a positive effect.

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16 thoughts on “Secrets of a Successful Pigeon Fancier (Part 3)

  1. Alright there .has any one heard of adding baby oil to the pigeons water with borax crystals ,when you give them a bath. I have used borax with good results to feathering .silky

  2. I used apple cider vinegar every day on my young birds before and i seen no difference when used
    on all birds once or twice a week it helps loose droppings after a race.I like Alltech acid pak better
    i used it a few times on my young birds last year and it works better.

    1. Alright there i find table salt small amounts 1or2 times a week only if they are loose your birds go wild for it not the same time as black or red mins you will find your drooping go firm day 2 if your loft is not heated it goes damp

  3. In regards to the Apple Cider Vinegar…we’ve just begun using this on our two english short faced tumblers. 5ml to a litre. Is this okay? Given daily for either a full of half a day, can this ACV cause sour crop or any other problems?

    Our male pigeon has been yo-yo’ing with respiratory issues since June. Ecoli/salmonella/chlamydia and wet canker have been diagnosed and suspected. Everytime he gets afraid or nervous (such as during breeding), he will deteriorate in a spate of a few hours. He had open mouth breathing, heavy breathing, fast breathing and croaky growl noises coming on his exhale.

    We want to try see if the ACV will lift his immune system. Do you think it can????

    Do you use garlic cloves in water????

    Thankyou so much 🙂

    1. I have used ACV exclusively for over five years on my racing pigeons and I’ve never had any side effects. On the contrary, I have had only one sick bird during that time, never have canker, no e-coli or intestinal disorders. I use only ACV and probiotics and never any medication.

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