Pigeon Hairworms

Pigeon Hairworms

Pigeon Hairworms; these worms are very small (up to 1/4 ” long) and very thin, so seeing them in the intestines is very difficult, and requires special techniques. Because these worms bury their heads right into the wall of the intestines, they cause tissue damage and irritation that can result in haemorrhage, diarrhoea and loss of weight. Like roundworm eggs, those of the hairworm are not infective when they are passed in droppings, but need about a week in damp, cool conditions for the development of a young worm.

Pigeon Hairworms

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3 thoughts on “Pigeon Hairworms

  1. Hi paul , im also new in the sport, im doing alot of reading, i read even in the cleaness loft birds stil get sick, we got to keep medicating to prevent illnesses….

  2. i am new to racing pigeons so to start of i found a breeder whom sold me 20 young birds they are just starting to fly now.But a big problem has occured in that 5 of them have had to be destroyed because of serious breathing problems in my other loft no pigeons have this both my lofts are very clean and are cleaned out daily any advise please

    1. Hallo Paul. A clean loft is fine but you need to look at the construction as well. Give your birds Clortetracylin. 7. 5gr to 8l. Once a week and your problems should be over.

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