Healthy Pigeons Win Races Part 4 “A Realistic Health Program”

A Realistic Health Program

Before Young Bird Races: Vaccinate for pox, PMV and paratyphoid 30 to 45 days before training starts.

Before Breeding in the Winter: Vaccinate all old birds, breeders and young birds you are keeping for PMV and paratyphoid. This will get all young birds vaccinated 2 times for PMV and paratyphoid as youngsters and will give all old birds and breeders a yearly booster.

Before Racing: Screen race birds( especially old birds) for haemoproteus. Treat if you have it with atabrine and then treat 2 days weekly during the season. If your performance drops off during the season and you aren’t treating because you didn’t find it before the season, recheck you may have missed it.

Treat all race birds for ornithose complex for 10 days. Treat at least every other week during the season for 3 days the first of each week to prevent infection from exposure to other race birds.

Treat for canker for 3 to 5 days. Treat at least every other week during the season to control canker picked up in the shipping crates.

Before Breeding: Check all birds for worms and coccidia. Treat if needed. Recheck every two weeks during the season and treat if needed. Treat all birds for canker and retreat every 2 to 3 weeks during the breeding season.

If you follow this health plan you will control the common bugs that your birds will get. If you are getting sick pigeons on this program you need to consult a pigeon veterinarian to help you solve the problem, as it won’t be the easy stuff.

Healthy Pigeons Win Races Part 4 “A Realistic Health Program” by Dr. Steive Weir DVM

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11 thoughts on “Healthy Pigeons Win Races Part 4 “A Realistic Health Program”

  1. Hi Chris i know there are areas that have very high humidity that have know choice but to use
    antibiotics.But i believe that antibiotics have caused all our new diseases young bird sickness that
    can be not to bad to dying pigeons and seems to be getting worse every year i have a small team
    of young birds 35 youngsters and still have problems my club are fanciers that have flown from 25
    years to 60 years we have one new member he has flown for 7 years and we all get young bird sickness for a few years it was not to bad but now you don’t know how bad its going to be for any of
    us and other problems as well in old birds in our combine and i know fliers that medicate for canker
    every three weeks along with everything else they treat for and to me this is where our problems
    lie to many antibiotics.I would like to here from other fanciers and vets who would like to shed light
    on this problem i think it has gone to far now to fix the problem and its sad really.Regards Brad.

  2. I think bird needs medication before breeding and racing , no matter how cleanliness you do , they still contacted this disease from basket and from stress but one thing we must aware is the medicine we give, does it kill form especially during race.


  3. Hi

    I would just like to comment in general, i have been reading these articals for some time now, one thing that has cought my attention is that you keep on saying not to over medicate your birds, but each artical i read you are medicating your birds, i am a young fancier but have a lot of experiance with birds because my father has been racing Pigeons for as long as i can remember. Preventitive medication is the only thing i know how to do, but in your articles you are medicating your pigeons daily. Why do you talk of preventitive medication but you yourself are killing your pigeons with over medicating them daily?

    Just a thought.

  4. Great info again, there are some medication you guys use BUT Hear in Australia we can not get them. Is Ornithose for resportary we can not get that Hear.Where can i get it ???.

    1. Tylan, is great for respitory infection ( was I believe developed for pigs )
      quarter teaspoon ( 1 gram ) added to 2 litres of water for 3 to 5 days
      follow up with 3 to 5 days of Probiotic such as PROBAC 1000 ( yogurt if stuck )

  5. I have raised racing pigeons most of my 51 years, and I have found that medication is something to be very careful about. I think some of the best medicans are : NEVER over-crowd, have paitence with the birds and always remember that when entering the Loft, we are “guest”. Treat them with love and respect and one will have birds that will want to return home with all the zeal one can ask for.

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