The Breeding Loft

The Breeding Loft

Winning is the result of breeding, training, nutrition, consistency, stamina, heart, superior intelligence and homing ability.  In pigeon racing, there is no substitute for any of the above qualities.  Only excellent race results, generation after generation in the best of competition, should be the goal of any breeding loft.

Always keep in mind that your end product can only be as good as the foundation it is built on.  We consider the pedigree (bloodlines) to be a “genetic blueprint” of any given bird’s potential.   The BLOODLINE is far more important than personal preferences for a certain “eye sign, wing type, body shape, color, etc.”

No pigeon breeder can guarantee that every bird he breeds and sells will be a champion flyer or breeder. The best breeding pairs in the loft produce a certain percentage of birds that do not have the qualities of a champion.

However, like all successful breeding lofts, we strive to keep the number of such inferior birds to a minimum.  We are able offer quality offspring each year by breeding from only those birds whose pedigrees indicate that their ancestors’ bloodlines, both immediate and remote, produced champion racers or breeders.

Such bloodlines indicate that our youngsters should have more good genes present for competitive racing than bad ones, thereby increasing their potential to become great racers, breeders or both.

We strongly believe that all behavior is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors.  We, as pigeon breeders, should know which behaviors, good and bad, are inherited.  Our breeding program concentrates on the qualities that are genetically inherited and that are necessary to race and breed competitively.

Also, we recognize that the environments that fanciers create for their birds are vastly different and unique to each individual loft.  We have no control over other fanciers’ lofts. Those that are overcrowded, with poor health maintenance programs, inferior diet and nutrition, and lack of sufficient training, place their birds under severe stress and do not allow them to reach their true potential as either racers or breeders.  Performance is affected when there is any type of imbalance in the birds’ environment and diet.  These conditions are the direct responsibility of the fancier.  They are “man made”, not genetic.

But the actual measuring stick or test, is the race itself, and its level of competition.

The Breeding Loft by Bob Prisco

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